How to Make Pirate Crafts and Activities

Whether you are planning a pirate themed party or just want some good old pirate fun, browse through this collection of projects and learn how you can easily make a pirate craft or two. You will find projects for all ages and abilities. Some of these pirate crafts are fast and easy and some take more time to plan and do. You certainly don't have to wait for a special event, such as Talk Like a Pirate Day to learn how to make a pirate!

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    Pirate Eye Patch

    Pirate Eye Patch Craft
    Pirate Eye Patch Craft.

    Use these directions and the pattern supplied to make a pirate eye patch using a craft foam sheet, yarn, and a few basic craft tools.

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    Pirate Flag

    Pirate Flag Craft
    Pirate Flag Craft.

    Follow the suggestions I shared on this project sheet and then use your own imagination to design and create your own unique flag.

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    Pirate Hat Craft

    Pirate Hat Craft
    Pirate Hat Craft.

    Discover how easy it is to make a cool pirate hat. You can make them to fit everyone and personalize them however you like.

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    Pirate Hat Feather Plume

    Pirate Hat Feather Plume Craft
    Pirate Hat Feather Plume Craft.

    A visitor who is nicknamed nuts4lucy, explains how you can make a fancy feather plume using plastic bags and a chenille stem. You can transform any hat into a pirate hat using this plume.

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    Pirate Ship

    Pirate Ship Craft
    Pirate Ship Craft.

    Follow these instructions and learn how you can craft a ship out of a styrofoam tray, construction paper, and a straw.

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    Polly's Treasure Chest

    Polly's Treasure Chest Craft
    Polly's Treasure Chest Craft.

    Discover how easy it is to make a gem-filled pirate treasure chest that can be guarded by Polly the parrot.

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    Pretend Pirate Sword

    Pretend Pirate Sword Craft
    Pretend Pirate Sword Craft.

    Watch this how-to video and learn how easy it is to craft your own swords using items you might already have lying around your house.

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    Printable Skull and Crossbones Invitations

    Printable Skull and Crossbones Invitations
    Printable Skull and Crossbones Invitations. Kate Pullen

    Kate Pullen, Guide to Rubber Stamping, shared these instructions for making an invitation that features this skull and crossbones pattern.

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    Treasure Box

    Treasure Box Craft
    Treasure Box Craft.

    I originally shared this craft project for you to make a keepsake box to set on you dresser but I think it would make a wonderful pirate treasure chest.

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    Kid's Pirate Costume

    Kid's Pirate Costume
    Kid's Pirate Costume.

    A visitor named Lahia explains how she easily made an amazing pirate costume for her son.

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    Parrot Costume

    Parrot Costume
    Parrot Costume.

    I think this parrot costume would work perfect for a pirate theme. A visitor named Amber explains how she dressed up her little cute as a parrot using a hooded sweatshirt, felt, and craft supplies.