How to Make a Photo Collage

Making a photo collage

leezsnow/Getty Images

Real photos make a fantastic addition to a collage which can make a great memento and also a wonderful gift. This project is suitable for ages three and up and takes about 20 minutes (without drying time). You can also modify this project to suit other ages, spending more or less time.



Making your own your own photo collage is an easy project. Pick and choose the photos you want to use. Lay them out and play around with different shapes and sizes to create your design. Then start gluing them in place on your paper. You can just choose photos randomly or design collages that follow a specific theme, such as friends, cousins, family, pets, and more. Use a stretched canvas instead of paper for a collage you can hang up and display.

Consider making photocopies or print scans of the original pictures instead of using the photo itself. Not only will this allow you to preserve the original photo, but a photocopy will also stick better than a photo. Use the glue sparingly and mainly around the edge of the photo to avoid trouble with bubbling if it takes too long for the glue to dry. Do not use a photocopied or printed picture using an inkjet printer because the ink can bleed when it gets wet from the glue.

Digital Photo Collage

Consider making a photo collage online on sites where you can simply drag and drop photos. Rearrange them and then post so you can share. Get and change the background and border colors, add patterns, add special effects, graphics, text, and more.