How to Make a Swoon Worthy Holiday Wreath

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    Simple Steps for a Swoon Worthy Holiday Wreath

    Holiday Wreath Making Tutorial
    The beginnings of a swoon worthy holiday wreath. Source: Local Creative

    A simple way to spruce up a home for the holidays is to make your own fresh wreath. A wreath is an effortless gesture that sets your seasonal senses into overdrive. The fresh pine smell and the thoughtful touches of twigs, berries and greenery is a great start for transforming your space into a winter wonderland. Building your own wreath can often times feel therapeutic in this bustling holiday season. Take a moment for your self with these easy step by step to building your own swoon-worthy wreath from Local Creative and Pretty Streets Botanical.

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    Choose Your Greenery

    Holiday Wreath Making Tutorial
    A little greenery goes a long way. Source: Local Creative

    The first step of creating a beautiful holiday wreath is choosing your form. You can use wire, foam or a base made out of grapevine branches. We love the options and ease that comes with a grapevine branch base. The wood base also gives a rustic feeling that leaves us nostalgic for holidays past. The base must be sturdy enough to handle your embellishments but also make sure it's the right shape and color for your clippings.

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    Add Seasonal Elements

    Wreath Making Tutorial
    Choose your garnishes wisely. Source: Local Creative

    Choose your greenery wisely when it comes to your wreath. We recommend working with a wide variety of evergreen materials such as cedar, cypress, fir, pine, and eucalyptus. The texture, color, and shape of each piece of greenery are what makes your wreath uniquely yours. Add a festive touch with different seasonal elements such as pine cones, berries, pods, and a variety of ribbons. The rich holiday feel of your wreath really peaks with berries and the running of ribbon through your piece.

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    Thoughtful Placement

    Wreath Making Tutorial
    Thoughtfully place your embellishments throughout your wreath. Source: Local Creative

    After choosing your materials thoughtfully place them throughout your wreath. This the part of the process where you let your intuition guide you. There is no right or wrong in wreath making and that's what makes each piece special and one of a kind.

    When it comes to wreaths we prefer the perfectly imperfect look for the holidays and our homes. Use floral wire when necessary for extra support or your greenery and festive touches to hold them into place. We suggest beginning with a foundation of greenery such as pine or fir then a second layer of lighter greens like eucalyptus. The berries, pods, pines cones and ribbons are all part of the garnishing round of wreath making. Continue tucking your seasonal elements into your grapevine base until you feel your wreath is complete.

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    Hang Your Wreath

    Wreath Making Tutorial
    Admire your finished wreath!. Source: Local Creative

     Step back and admire your gorgeous finished project. We love the romantically, wild look of our wreaths. With some many moving pieces be experimental with yours. It's hard to make an error when you are working with such beautiful natural elements. Hang your wreath in your home for seasonal decor or wrap and gift as a present for someone special this holiday.