DIY Cute and Quirky Flowerpot Person for Your Garden

How to Make a Simple Flowerpot Lady

Flowerpot lady sitting on a stool outside with a plant coming out of her head.
Rita Shehan

Decorate your garden with a cute flowerpot person. This project is suitable for kids ages eight and older. It only takes about one hour, plus drying time.

Many gardeners enjoy decorating their green spaces with whimsical accents. Why not add some cute flowerpot people to your outside area? Flowerpot people are so easy and fun to craft that you'll want to make many versions of this project with your kids.

Once you understand the construction process, you'll be able to whip up a clay flowerpot person in no time for less than $30. There are various levels of complexity when constructing flowerpot people, but we will focus on the most uncomplicated design.

Gather the Materials

Six stacked flowerpots, twine, and paint on a table.
Rita Shehan

This project is a great way to recycle old flowerpots. The rest of the materials you may find you already have on hand.

Note: The pot sizes that we recommend for this project are just suggestions. You can use any size pot you wish, to make the project as big or as small as you'd like.

  • Two 8-inch clay pots
  • Four 4-inch clay pots
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Clear acrylic sealer
  • Strong glue
  • Two 3-foot pieces of macrame cord, or some other type of strong rope
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors

Painting the Clay Pots

Six painted flowerpots and some white string.
Rita Shehan

Although you can make this project with plastic pots, it's best to use terra-cotta pots. Terra-cotta is a porous material that paint sticks to well.

Begin by painting the pots however you like. The four-inch terra-cotta flowerpots (or the smaller pots, if you're using different sizes) will be the flowerpot person's arms and legs; the two 8-inch pots (or the larger pots) will be the flowerpot person's body and head. Paint accordingly! Paint different designs and shapes onto the pot for the body of your flowerpot lady. Paint the other larger terra-cotta pot to look like a face.

If you have an overabundance of brush strokes, you may have to paint two layers to get a smooth surface. Let the paint dry and then seal the paint with several thin coats of clear acrylic sealer.

If you are a bit stuck as to how to decorate your flowerpot person, just hop on over to Pinterest for inspiration. You will literally find hundreds of painted flowerpot people to guide and inspire you.

Assembling the Clay Pot Arm

Inside of a red painted clay pot with a string and knot tied at the bottom.
Rita Shehan

Take one of the painted four-inch pots that represents an arm and place it on a table upside down.

Cut a piece of macrame cord about three feet long and run it through the drainage hole on the upside-down four-inch pot.

Tie a knot onto the end of the macrame cord inside the pot, making sure the knot is larger than the size of the drainage hole.

Pull the knotted cord up until the knot is flush with the bottom inside of the four-inch pot.

Attaching the Arm to the Body

Red pot with white rim with string tying another pot to it.
Rita Shehan

Take the end of the macrame cord that is run through the four-inch terra-cotta pot (the side that isn't knotted), and run it through the drainage hole on the upside-down eight-inch terra-cotta pot that represents the body of the flowerpot person.

You will now have a cord running up through the arm and down into the body pot drainage hole, peeking out at the bottom.

Start Building the First Clay Pot Leg

Red pot with white and red pot arms tied together with white string.
Rita Shehan

Take the unknotted cord that is peeking out from the bottom of the body-pot, and run it into the drainage hole of an upside-down pot that represents the leg of the flowerpot person.

Tie a knot and pull the cord so that it is flush against the inside drainage hole of the smaller pot that represents the leg. Pull the arm and leg to level it out against the body. You may want to put your project on some type of stand at this point, as it will make the next step easier.

Finish the Clay Pot Legs and Arms

Red pot body with white pot arms and red pot legs tied together with string with flowerpot head next to it.
Rita Shehan

Repeat the previous instructions on the other side. You should now have something that looks like this photo.

Attach the Head to Your Flowerpot Person

Completed flowerpot person with face, body, arms, and legs.
Rita Shehan

You can now place the flowerpot person in your garden and then attach the head. Some people place the head directly onto the body without gluing it and fill it with soil and flowers.

If you wish to make your head more secure, you may glue the head onto the body. Pick some pretty plants or flowers to represent the flowerpot person's hair and plant as you would a normal flowerpot.

Get Ready for the Compliments

Flowerpot person sitting on a bench outside.
Rita Shehan

Your simple flowerpot person is now a beautiful yard decoration! You will love how cute it looks in your garden and might want to make a couple more to add whimsical delight to your backyard decor.