How to Make a Fleece Blanket

Children wrapped together in blanket outdoors, portrait
PhotoAlto/Michele Constantini / Getty Images

A fleece blanket is a great way to snuggle up top watch television or read on a cold day. Here is a very simple blanket to make with fleece and gain warmth beyond belief, for the blanket's weight.

Edging the blanket with a hand sewn blanket stitch on the edge of the blanket makes it a great project to make while you watch television on cold winter nights. If your new to using a serger, this blanket is a great way to become familiar with your new sewing tool!

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 20 minutes

Here's How

  1. You will need: 1 to 1 3/4 yards of Polar fleece fabric, thread, sharp fabric scissors and a round template.
  2. Trim off the salvage edge of the fabric, cutting as straight and smooth an edge as possible. Using rotary cutting tools may be the easiest way to achieve a smooth edge.
  3. Fold the fabric in half length wise and then fold the width in half, so that the fabric is folded in quarters with all of the edges aligned.
  4. Locate the corners of the blanket. This will be the corners of the folded fabric which has no folds. Be sure all of the edges are perfectly aligned if you will be cutting all the layers at the same time.
  5. Mark a rounded edge on the corners by using a round item, such as a dessert or dinner plate, embroidery hoop or and actual circle template, as a template.
  6. Trim all four corners evenly. Having sharp fabric scissors will help you achieve a smoothly cut edge. Always keep your fabric scissors for cutting only fabric so they remain sharp! If you are using a heavy fleece cut each corner separately so that you can achieve a smoothly cut corner.
  1. Fleece fabric does not fray so an edge finish is not essential but it does help the blanket hold it's shape on the edges and is visually appealing. If you do not sew the edges you may find the the fleece fabric will stretch out of shape or eventually create fluted edge as the fabric distorts it's shape by being repeatedly stretched.. If you have a serger, serge the raw edge to help the blanket hold it's shape or add a decorative edge such as a hand sewn blanket stitch.
  1. A blanket stitch can be sewn with yarn or decorative thread to jazz up the edge of the blanket.


  1. If you are using a serger, experiment with serger threads for different edge finishes. Woolly Nylon or Polyarm in your serger will give the blanket a nice soft edge.
  2. If you are using a blanket stitch, experiment with embroidery floss and yarn for a different look.
  3. Machine embroider a logo, name or special design on one corner to create a personalized gift. Applique or a yo-yo design, such as this tee shirt yo-yo design, are great ways to add a design if you do not have machine embroidery.
  4. Vary the size of the blanket for the size of the person you are making the blanket for so the blanket is perfect as a baby blanket or for cuddling up to watch television.
  5. Make matching blankets for everyone in a family as a great gift.
  6. Make baby blankets for a great baby shower or new baby gifts.
  7. Experiment with decorative sewing machine stitches for possible edge finishes sewn with your sewing machine.