How to Make a Cross Stitch Coaster

Cross Stitch Coaster Supplies
Photo © Connie G. Barwick, licensed to, Inc.

Making a house your home is easy with a few simple decorating ideas. Cross-stitched coasters are a great way to keep what's in your house nice and show the world your own style. You can stitch them in any color and once you get the basics down, you can add designs and words.

These coasters make great gifts for newlyweds, new homeowners, or group gifts. You can make a bunch up at one time and keep them on hand for last-minute gifts. Once you have the tutorial down, expand on the shape and pattern. You can write messages, stitch your favorite flower, or even a monogram.


  • Duck Select Shelf Liner or Vinyl Aida (stitch over two on 14-count)
  • Optional: craft foam
  • Large plastic tapestry needle
  • Yarn (using cheaper yarn is probably the best for your first try and do not use fuzzy yarn)
  • Scissors
  • Cross stitch pattern


  1. Begin by choosing a pattern. You can find many on the internet but remember to keep the size small and for the first time around, you might want to choose a simple pattern. 
  2. Cut the shelf liner to the appropriate size. You will need two pieces for each coaster. These coasters will be square. Once you master the square coaster, you can make a circle one. 
  3. Stitch the motif on the shelf liner or vinyl Aida with the plastic needle and the yarn color of your choice. The shelf liner, like the vinyl Aida is graphed and thus easy to stitch and follow a pattern. You will not be stitching blindly when you use these two things. 
  4. If desired, cut a piece of craft foam slightly smaller than the coaster size. You can also just cut a piece of felt and glue it to the back of the stitched piece. 
  5. Put the craft foam between the two pieces of liner or Aida and join them together using backstitch or whipstitch. You can add other embellishments at this time. Charms and beads are fun, but make sure that you can still use your coaster. 

These coasters are a fun group project. They are quick and easy to make. Don't limit yourself to a certain shape or style. Stitch outside of the box. Have fun!