How to Make a Belt

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    What You'll Need

    Moon Bloodgood rocks a belt
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    Fashionable belts can be made out of any fabric you have at home. If you know how to make a belt, then your potential for style options never ends. Whether you want a leather belt or a shiny, chain-clad one, they're not hard to create on your own. This tutorial will show you how to make a simple belt that's perfect for any occasion.

    Materials Needed

    • A non-stretchy material in the measurements specified in Step 2
    • Belt buckle from an old belt or craft store
    • Scissors 
    • Sewing needle and thread or machine
    • Iron and ironing board
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    Measure and Cut Fabric

    Measure and cut fabric for your belt
    Rain Blanken

    For this belt, measure around the part of your waist where the belt will be worn. Some people like to wear belts on their waist, while others like to wear theirs at the hip. Be sure to measure where you will be wearing the belt.

    Add 5 inches to the waist measurement.

    How thick do you want the belt? Try 1 inch for a skinny belt or 4 inches for a fat belt. Keep in mind that thicker belts won't fit through pant loops. Add 1 inch to the width of your belt for seam allowance.

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    Fold and Stitch the Ends

    Fold in the edges and stitch the material
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    Fold in the ends of the belt 1/2 inch and press with your iron. Before you press, test a small portion of the fabric to be sure that the fabric you are using won't burn under the iron.

    For fabrics that may be sensitive to heat (synthetic fibers such as vinyl and plastics), try laying a clean towel between the iron and the fabric while you press.

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    Fold in the Bottom Then Press and Sew

    Topstitch both the bottom and top of the belt
    Rain Blanken

    Fold up the bottom of the belt 1/2 inch on each edge and press.

    Topstitch the bottom together at 1/8-inch from the edge. For a finished look, press and topstitch along the top of the belt as well.

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    Attach the Buckle

    Fold fabric over the middle of the belt and stitch
    Rain Blanken

    A large variety of belt buckles can be readily found at your local craft store, or you could use a buckle from an old belt that has seen better days.

    This particular belt uses a buckle that does not require holes in the belt. If you want holes in your belt, use a grommet punch to add holes.

    Fold over the end of the belt material around the middle rung of the belt and stitch in place. Backstitch and tie off the edges of string to ensure that this stitch does not come undone.

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    Designer Tips

    Bold belts can change an outfit
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    A belt can add a bold statement or hold up your pants.

    • Use a brightly colored belt with a black or white outfit of an interesting or smooth texture.
    • Pair a patterned belt with muted solids.
    • If you are adding grommet holes, measure so that they are evenly spaced.