How to Make a Balloon Arch

DIY balloon arch over a pink chair and by a plant in a mid-century modern planter
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    How to Make a Balloon Arch

    Balloon arches are such a fun addition to any celebration! They elevate the decor, emphasize the color scheme, and are a perfect way to put a custom spin on a party theme. A balloon arch is also a great backdrop for photos, dessert tables, and more. But they don't have to be difficult to put together or cost an arm and a leg. This simple tutorial walks you step by step through the process of creating your own custom balloon arch that looks just like the ones created by the pros!

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    Gather Materials

    As you're planning your balloon arch, first decide the color palette that you'd like. A palette of three to four colors tends to work well with one main color. We went with a bright white base color and some fun pops of coral and metallic gold to emphasize our palette. You'll also want to grab a few different sizes of balloons. Ours range from five to 12 inches, but you can even include the giant 36-inch balloons if you like!

    You'll also want to decide how you'll hang your arch before you start creating it. If you have a blank wall, you'll need some Command hooks or something similar to attach to the wall. A peg board is also a great option if you have access to one.

    Supplies Needed

    • Latex balloons in various sizes and colors
    • Balloon hand pump
    • Thin beading wire
    • Low-temp glue gun
    • Embellishments (paper tassels or faux greenery/florals work well)
    • Command hooks or a pegboard with pegs
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    Inflate Balloons

    Start by inflating your balloons. Think ahead about how many of each size you'd like, and about the ratio of colors that you'll include.

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    String on Wire

    To start creating your arch, you'll first make a garland of balloons. Cut a piece of beading wire as long as you'd like your arch, plus 18 inches on either end. Start stringing your balloons onto the wire by inserting the wire through the tied-off ends of the balloons. We recommend using smaller balloons on either end, to create a tapered look to your arch.

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    Create a Garland

    Continue stringing on your balloons until a garland starts to form. Add balloons until you've reached your desired length. Make sure that you have about 18 inches of unused wire on either end of your balloon garland.

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    Hang Hooks

    Hang your hooks. You can either place Command strips on a wall, or use a peg board like we did here. You'll need one hook in the center, and then two on either side—about 12 inches lower than the center hook. The two side hooks should be placed as wide as the garland that you created.

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    Attach to Hooks

    Attach your garland to the hooks. Hook the middle of the garland over the center hook, and wrap the excess wire on either end around the side hooks.

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    Create Arch

    Fluff and arrange your balloons until the arch starts to take shape.

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    Fill In Holes

    You'll probably find that you have a few holes where you need to fill in with more balloons. In this case, inflate a few smaller balloons, apply a line of low-temperature glue, and adhere the balloons to other balloons in the garland. Try to fill any holes or hide any bare spots. 

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    Add Embellishments

    If you like, add embellishments! We used the low-temp glue gun to adhere a few tassels throughout the garland. Other ideas are faux flowers or faux greenery. The embellishments really bring the arch to life.

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    You're all done. Set up a fun photo area or decorate the rest of your celebration and have a ball!