How to Knit a Mistake Rib

Turn a Mistake into a Pattern

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Mistakes in patterns are a frustrating given for any beginner knitter but the Mistake Rib Stitch uses that to its advantage. Knitters looking for a pretty pattern that will hide lots of accidents should look no further than this variation on the rib stitch. 

A Perfect Pattern for Beginners

This stitch looks like more work than it actually is. Anyone that can knit and purl will have no problem with this pattern making it perfect for beginners. Its deep uneven ribbing gives it a distinctive look from other rib stitches. This is an especially good pattern for knitters who have trouble keeping track of their knits and purls as an inverted stitch will easily blend into the finished project. Knitters who are looking to practice stitching but still want a nice looking finished project should definitely give this pattern a shot.

The Beauty of Mistakes 

The uneven stitches also mean it won't shrink as much as other rib stitches would. Its ability to keep it's shape and size makes the mistake rib a great pattern for things like dish towels. It's a reversible stitch which means each side of the fabric looks the same. The stitch has a wonderful texture that makes it perfect for accessories like scarves or larger projects like throw blankets. For knitters eager to start their first baby blanket the mistake rib stitch is an appealing pattern to start with. A soft baby yarn combined with the large ribs will make an extra snuggly blanket.

The simplicity of this pattern and the fact that mistakes are literally the name of the game means that this is a perfect pattern to bring to a knitters circle. For knitters whose main priority is finding a pattern they don't have to focus on this is a great one to choose. 

Tips to Remember

Knitters should be aware that the tension of their yarn will change the look of this pattern. While stitches can be as loose or as tight as the knitter prefers most patterns tend to look the best when the tension is consistent within the project.

This pattern can be used on straight or circular needles. Many knitters find circular needles, even for flat projects like dishcloths, to be overall easier to use. Larger gauge needles will make a larger fabric with looser stitches. Smaller gauge needles will form a much thicker fabric which will retain heat better. 

This stitch also works great as a border on many projects. It's perfect for chunky and thin yarns alike.

The mistake rib may be one of the simplest patterns its beauty makes it a favorite even among advanced knitters. This pattern works great for gifts for men or women. 

The Mistake Rib Pattern

This pattern works on multiples of four plus three.

Knit two, purl two across, ending with knit two, purl one.

Repeat this row for pattern.

Featured in the Mistake Rib Dishcloth.