How to Frame a Piece of Fabric

How to Frame a Piece of Fabric
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We all know that a room if it is to be thought of as completely and fully decorated, needs art. Art is that final component, that last touch that takes a room and ties it all together. A room without art will always lack a certain personality. Even if the decor is excellent, without art to add a sense of the likes, tastes, and feelings of the person or people who actually inhabit the space, something will always be missing.

The good news about art is that it doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, just about anything that speaks to your likes, loves or outlook on things can be used in your space as art - even a simple piece of fabric. in fact, a fabric can be a perfect solution to an art-free space as it can be easily framed and hung on the wall as an excellent alternative to a costly painting or print. Whether or not they depict a whole image in the way some paintings might, fabrics can add layers of color and pattern to a space. The right fabric can even lend a striking global touch to Framing a vintage or delicate piece of fabric is also a great way to preserve and protect it. So whether it's a valuable family heirloom or a just a pretty sample you found at a fabric store, try framing it to create a beautiful piece of art to hang on your wall your wall.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: One hour or less

What You Need:

  • Foam board
  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Small flat head pins and/or staple gun
  • Cloth tape
  • Frame

Here's How:

  1. Cut a piece of foam board using a utility knife to fit in a frame of your choosing.
  2. Cut the fabric to the size of the frame leaving at least an inch of extra fabric around the edges. (If the fabric is vintage or heirloom you can also leave it as is and simply pin it to the foam board.)
  1. Stretch the fabric over the board and secure it with a pin in the center of one side. Proceed in one of the two following ways depending on the value and fragility of the fabric.
  2. If the fabric is delicate and fragile use pins to secure it. Put pins at each end of one side, then one in the middle of that edge. Then pin the opposite side of the board, in the same way, pulling the fabric taut (but do it gently). Repeat for the remaining two sides.
  3. If the fabric is durable pull the fabric around the edges of the board and staple it to the back. Start by placing one staple in the center of the left side of the frame. Pull the fabric tight and then do the same on the right side. Continue stapling on opposite sides, keeping the fabric taut as you work out from the center toward the edges of the frame. Repeat on the top and bottom sides, and make neat hospital corners when you reach the edges.
  4. Secure any excess fabric to the back of the board with cloth tape, or if the fabric is not valuable cut off any excess.
  5. Insert the board into the frame and display wherever you like.


  1. If you're using a vintage or heirloom fabric be very careful. Don't pull it too tightly and use as few pins as possible to secure it to the board. If it's really valuable you might want to have it professionally mounted just to be on the safe side.
  1. With a large enough textile, you may even be able to forgo the frame entirely and simply hang the fabric from the wall like a small tapestry. If the piece has a strong color story or an eye-catching pattern, you can use it to create a huge color pop for the room or even tie together other patterns present in the space. This can be a perfect way to liven up a space with too many neutrals or too few patterns. It can even be a great way to incorporate a beautiful rug at eye level for an amazing design statement.