How to Duplicate Stitch

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    Where to Put the Needle

    Starting Duplicate Stitch
    Bringing the needle up to start duplicate stitch. Sarah E. White

    Duplicate stitch is a versatile way of adding color to a project. It can be done on the knit side of Stockinette Stitch fabric and forms Vs over the stitches that "duplicate" the stitch that is already there.

    You can use charts to add a duplicate stitch to your knitting or just stitch freehand whatever sort of shape you want. It works particularly well for rather small areas of detail, as it adds thickness and rigidity to a knit piece.

    To start, decide where you want your stitching to begin and bring the point of a needle threaded with yarn up through the point of the V in the first stitch you want to duplicate. Pull the yarn through. Leave a few inches of yarn at the back of the work to weave in later.

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    Making the First Leg

    Forming Duplicate Stitch
    Making the first part of a duplicated stitch. Sarah E. White

    To make the first "leg" of the V, slide the needle behind the V of the stitch above the stitch you are duplicating from right to left. Pull the yarn through.

    You don't want to pull too tightly or the stitches will pucker, but if your duplicated stitches are too loose they will look strange as well. You want the stitch you are forming to actually duplicate the stitch below as much as possible. Gentle pressure is what is required.

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    Finshing the V

    Finishing Duplicate Stitch
    Finishing a stitch of duplicate stitch. Sarah E. White

    To finish duplicating the first V in duplicate stitch, all you have to do is put the needle back through the point where you started. Pull through. This makes the second "leg" of the V.

    You have now finished one V. Continue in this manner.

    You can work from right to left (my preferred method), left to right or up and down to make the design you want.

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    Continuing Duplicate Stitch

    Duplicate Stitches
    A few finished stitches in duplicate stitch. Sarah E. White

    The second row of duplicate stitch starts exactly the same way as the first. Just insert the needle in the point of the V above the last one you just worked. Pull through.

    If you're now working from left to right instead of right to left, the needle goes behind the stitch above from left to right instead of from right to left. Pull the yarn through.

    Some people find it much easier to work the left-to-right rows after turning the work 90 degrees so that you're knitting up rather than across the work. Try it and see what works best for you.

    Finishing a stitch on the left-to-right row is exactly the same as finishing a stitch on the right-to-left row. Just put the needle back through the point of the stitch and pull through.

    Continue in this manner from left to right until you have duplicated all the stitches you want.

    Continue going back and forth to form blocks or stitching a more intricate pattern until you have all the duplicated stitches you need. Weave in the ends on the back.

    The duplicate stitch is a wonderful and easy way to add a little interesting element to a plain stockinette stitch pattern. Now that you've got the basics down, you might want to try stitching a sample swatch.