How to Crochet Suzette Stitch

How to Crochet the Suzette Stitch

The Spruce Crafts / Mollie Johanson

Project Overview
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Suzette stitch is an easy crochet stitch pattern that anyone can do once they learn the basics of crochet. By combining single and double crochets, you can form this beautiful, yet sturdy crocheted fabric. Best of all, it's reversible, making it perfect for blankets, washcloths, and more. Both sides of your project will look exactly the same!

To accomplish this stitch, you alternate between single crochets and double crochets. This is similar to lemon peel stitch, but this differs by working those two stitches into one stitch, then skipping a stitch. The result is a softer-looking stitch pattern that almost seems to have some movement to it.

Once you work the first row of this stitch into the starting chain, all the remaining rows are exactly the same so you'll be able to crochet away without needing to refer to a pattern. So easy!

In fact, it's so simple and lovely that you'll want to whip up a project right away. The stitch pattern alone will give a scarf or afghan all the visual interest it needs, but you can make it fancy by adding fringe to the ends of a scarf or pompoms to the corners of a blanket.

Ready to give this a try? Grab a crochet hook and your favorite yarn to get started!


  • This tutorial uses US crochet terms.
  • Use any yarn you want, working with a coordinating sized crochet hook. A basic yarn is best as you learn.
  • Whether working back and forth in rows or in the round, use just one chain stitch as a turning chain.

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Crochet hook


  • Yarn


  1. Start a Chain

    Begin Suzette stitch with a starting chain that has any odd number of chains. This particular swatch started with 22 chain stitches.

    Make a Starting Chain
    Mollie Johanson
  2. Work a Single, Then Double Crochet

    Work a single crochet in the second chain from the hook. Next, work a double crochet in the same chain.

    Single Crochet and Double Crochet in the Same Stitch
    Mollie Johanson
  3. Skip One Chain and Single Crochet

    Skip one chain, then work a single crochet in the next chain. Once again, work a double crochet into the same chain.

    Skip a Stitch and SC and DC in the Next Stitch
    Mollie Johanson
  4. Repeat the Previous Step and Skip a Chain

    Repeat the previous step across the row, skipping a chain, and then working a single and double crochet in the next stitch. In the last chain, work one single crochet. This completes your first row of Suzette stitch.

    Repeat the Stitch Pattern and End With a Single Crochet
    Mollie Johanson
  5. Turn Your Work and Continue

    Chain one for a turning chain and then turn your work. Work a single crochet in the first stitch of the row. This is the last single crochet from the previous row. Work a double crochet in the same stitch.

    SC and DC in the First Single Crochet
    Mollie Johanson
  6. Skip a Stitch

    Skip a stitch. The stitch you skip here is a double crochet from the previous row. Work a single crochet and a double crochet in the next stitch.


    Not sure which stitch to work into? The tops of the single crochets are smaller than the double crochets.

    Skip a Stitch and SC and DC in the Next Single Crochet
    Mollie Johanson
  7. Repeat and Continue Stitching

    Repeat the previous step across the row until two stitches remain. Skip the next stitches, then work a single crochet in the last stitch.

    Repeat the SC and DC Stitches, Ending With a SC
    Mollie Johanson
  8. Repeat the Second Row to Form Your Pattern

    Repeat the second row over and over to form the Suzette stitch pattern. As you get familiar with the pattern, you'll find that it's easy to stitch at an even rhythm, which means it will work up quickly.

    Suzette Stitch Crochet Pattern Swatch
    Mollie Johanson

    This stitch makes a crocheted fabric that is mostly solid but still has drape, depending on the yarn you use. If you want to make the stitch more open or give it even more drape, try working this with a larger hook than your yarn calls for.

    By the way, if you want to work this stitch in the round for something like an infinity scarf, it still works. All you need to remember is that with each new round, work the groups of single and double crochet into the single crochets from the previous round.

    Most of the time projects will tell you exactly how to work a design with individual stitches, but it's still helpful to know the name of and how to work a stitch pattern like Suzette stitch. In addition to knowing what to expect when a pattern says it uses this stitch, it also allows you to creatively crochet without a pattern.

    Crochet a simple scarf or cowl, or go big with a baby blanket or even a full afghan! What will you make with this new stitch?

    Suzette Stitch Crochet Tutorial
    Mollie Johanson