Tips on How to Clean an Eraser

Chalkboard Eraser
Brian Hagiwara/Getty Images

Tip from Soumya: 

"Just take a piece of sandpaper and rub your eraser on it. Voila! As good as new!"

Tip from Amber Knight:

"The fastest way to clean an eraser is to rub it on the carpet. You probably don't want to do this on a perfect carpet, but I was constantly doing it in school, and it worked every time."

Tip from Jill Macfarlane:

"When your art eraser becomes too dirty, place it in a pocket of jeans and allow it to go through the washing machine. Comes out clean as can be!"

Tip from L Logan:

"For dirty art erasers, I wash them with water and dish soap and the dirt rubs off."

Tip from Marion Boddy-Evans:

I usually rub a dirty eraser on the shirt I'm wearing to clean it, or a trouser leg. Hopefully, I'm wearing painting clothes at the time (but not always!).