How to Buy Cheap Rubber Stamps to Make Cheap Handmade Cards

There are three core requirements for making cheap handmade cards—these are buying low-cost rubber stamps, inks, and cardstock

Rubber stamps are ideal for making low-cost handmade cards. Buying cheap or low-cost stamps will help to produce lovely handmade cards while not breaking the bank.

There are a wide variety of shapes and sizes available and the likelihood is that there will be a rubber stamp available to suit every taste from fun and funky through to classic and elegant designs.

With such a wide range of rubber stamps available, there is bound to be a stamp available for every occasion. Instead of buying themed stamps which are specific to an occasion, try buying more general stamps. Buying one or two good all-purpose stamps that can be used for a variety of different occasions throughout the year will help you get the most from your stamping budget.

Tip: It can be surprising how many ways there are of using a single stamp. A stylized snowflake has many applications. Take it out of its winterly environment and it is simply a pretty geometric shape with lots of uses all year round.

Buying Cheap Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps for making handmade cards can be expensive. There are many ways, however, of buying cheap rubber stamps. An important tip is to use price comparison websites to find the best prices on rubber stamps. 

  • eBay: A wide selection of rubber stamps can be found on eBay. These include second hand and retired stamps as well as new stamps that are offered at discount prices. It is always worth taking a look at eBay for cheap stamps.
  • Sales: Many stores have regular sales and this is a good opportunity to buy discounted materials. Seasonal stamps and other materials are often reduced at the end of a season to make way for new stock. While it is nice to have the latest designs, in reality, a great stamp design is timeless.
  • Bargain bins: Some craft stores have bargain bins where items are sold off cheaply. This can be for a number of reasons and can represent excellent value for money.

    Text and Sentiment Stamps

    There is a wide range of text or sentiment stamps available and these include appropriate words for a whole variety of occasions. These are what transform a simple stamped image into a special greeting card. Buying an appropriate stamp for every occasion can soon mount up. There are, however, many great solutions that can help to save money and still produce great handmade greeting cards. These include:

    • Alphabet stamps: There are many different styles of alphabet stamp available and these allow stampers to stamp their own unique greeting and sentiments. This can be a little fiddly and time consuming, therefore picking a short sentiment might be helpful. Luckily there is a trend away from perfectly aligned text and images, therefore more organic or whimsical styling works well and allows for imperfectly placed letters. 
    • Foam stampsFoam stamps are a low-cost alternative to rubber stamps that are available in an increasing variety of shapes and sizes. It is also possible to make foam stamps quickly and easily from a sheet of craft foam. 
    • Handwriting messages and sentiments: This can be the perfect way of adding a sentiment to a card. Use a good quality pen to help to achieve great results.
    • Printing text and sentiments: Not everyone has the gift of great handwriting and therefore printed sentiments can be a good solution.