8 DIY's for an Oktoberfest Celebration

Cake beer steins

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Oktoberfest is the world's most famous beer festival which happens every year from mid or late September to early October and runs for 16 days. The principal festival is held in Munich, Germany, while other cities across the world also hold Oktoberfest celebrations that mix fun carnival events with food and beer tents. 

Here are eight beer do-it-yourself projects that would be perfect to try if hosting your own Oktoberfest celebration this year.

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    Wooden Beer Stein

    Wooden beer stein


    If you are going to be hosting an Oktoberfest party, these impressive traditional looking wooden beer steins would be the perfect way to decorate your home by having them on the table to collect empty beer bottle caps.

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    Wooden Beer Growler Tote

    Wooden beer growler tote

    Build Basic

    Easily carry or gift several beer growlers in an industrial wooden tote with metal pipe handle. The growler tote filled with three growlers of beer would make for an amazing prize to win at your Oktoberfest party.

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    Scrabble Tile Coasters

    Scrabble tile coasters

    Simply Darrling

    Re-purpose an old scrabble board with missing tiles into a set of beer-inspired coasters where you can spell Oktoberfest-related words, such as hops, beer, ales, brew, malt, and cask. These fun coasters will help to not only protect your table but are a fun, beer-themed decor to use year-round.

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    Beer Bottle Opener

    Beer bottle opener

    Shanty 2 Chic

    Make it easy for your guests to open their beer bottles by making a beer bottle opener you can hang on the wall that will open the beer bottle caps and collect the removed caps in the bin at the bottom. This DIY is perfect for the novice builder due to the simple design.

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    Beer Mug Cupcakes

    Beer mug cupcakes

    Hungry Happenings for Tablespoon

    Surprise your Oktoberfest party guests by making a batch of beer mug cupcakes that look like pints of beer and are filled with Baileys.

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    Personalized Beer Growler

    Personalized beer growler

    Kristy Murphy

    Love beer? If so, why not make yourself a personalized beer growler by etching your name onto the glass of a beer growler, so you can have a reusable beer bottle for Oktoberfest.

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    Homemade Beer Mustard

    Homemade beer mustard

    The Beeroness

    German sausages are commonly eaten at Oktoberfest, and mustard is a common sauce served with them. So instead of the typical mustard, make delicious beer mustard to go with the sausages. Bottled in small bottles, homemade beer mustard would also make a lovely party favor for guests to take home.

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    Beer Bottle Labels

    Beer bottle labels

    Mad in Crafts

    Create custom beer labels for your Oktoberfest celebration by using the free printable labels that disguise the original labels so you can host a beer tasting party.