Homemade Gifts for Teens

Great Gifts You Can Make for the Young Adult in Your Life

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Need a homemade gift that's capable of wowing a teen? Give one of these a try:

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    Sweater Mittens

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    Give new life to a beloved old pullover and upcycle an old sweater into a sweet pair of mittens.

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    A Chalkboard Piggy Bank

    Chalkboard Piggy Bank

    Erin Huffstetler

    Teens are usually better at spending than they are at saving. Encourage your teen to develop the savings habit, buy giving him or her a chalkboard piggy bank.

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    Hair Accessories

    Hair band ball
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    Dress up her "do" with a collection of handmade headbands and hair ties:

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    Handmade Envelopes

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    Introduce her to the joys of snail mail with an assortment of hand-crafted greeting cards and envelopes:

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    A Yoga Bag

    Thread the drawstring through the hem at the top of the bag.
    Erin Huffstetler

    Turn an old pair of jeans into a chic storage spot for her yoga mat: