Homemade Gifts for Boys

Make a Personalized Gift for the Little Guys

Christmas gift boxes
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Find the perfect homemade Christmas gift for every boy on your list. What does he get excited about? How can you stimulate him to explore and learn more?

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    Treasure Soap

    Treasure Soap

    Erin Huffstetler

    Do you want to make bath time fun? Just stick something gross into glycerin soap. What you need for this project is glycerin soap, a soap mold or paper cups, your microwave, and fun items to include in the soap. Now melt the glycerin soap in a microwave-safe container, and pour it into the soap mold or paper cup that contains the treasure. When it cools, you've got treasure soap!

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    A Marshmallow Blowgun

    Marshmallow gun

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    Grab some PVC pipes, and build him a marshmallow blowgun. You will need elbow sections and T sections to make the grips and the mouthpiece. This fun gun shoots mini-marshmallows, so it's safe for kids. It also is unlikely to be confused with an actual gun. You might use this safe gun to teach the elements of gun safety, such as never pointing the barrel at anything you don't want to shoot, etc. Earn extra points for including a bag of marshmallows with your gift.

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    Child squeezing novelty green slime through fingers
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    Ooey and gooey is big in boy land. Make him an assortment of slimes (yep, there's more than one kind), and he'll be blissed out for weeks. Here are more than a dozen recipes, including classic slime you make with borax and glue, or borax-free slime with liquid starch and glue. Add some phosphorescent zinc sulfide or glowing paint to make glow-in-the-dark slime. You can make magnetic slime with white school glue, liquid starch, and iron oxide powder. Edible slime from sweetened condensed milk and cornstarch might be just the thing for some gross fun.

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    A Duct Tape Wallet

    Duct Tape Wallet
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    Make him a wallet out of duct tape. He'll think it's cool, and you'll love the price. You can use any duct tape you have around the house or buy colored duct tape for the project and make it in his favorite colors, school colors, or the colors of his favorite sports team. Personalize it with stickers or shapes cut from duct tape.

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    Denim Pocket Quilt or Pillow Cover

    Quilt Made from Old Blue Jeans - Horizontal
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    Turn old jeans into a denim pocket quilt, or use corduroy or twill pants. You can make a small quilt for little boys or a larger one for a larger bed. By keeping the pockets on some of the squares, you can tuck in favorite toys, books or other treasures. Personalize it with embroidery or appliques with his name, favorite activities, pets, sports teams, and more.

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    Sweater Mittens

    Pair of blue knitted mittens on a white woolen fabric.
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    You can make personalized sweater mittens from an old sweater. Has he outgrown a favorite sweater, especially one in his school colors or the colors of his favorite sports team? Or, snag a fab sweater from a thrift store in his favorite colors. Then dissect it, and turn it into a warm pair of mittens for him.

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    No-Slip Slipper Socks

    Slipper Socks

     herri Osborn

    The best stocking stuffers are stockings. You can turn a regular pair of socks into slipper socks with a bit of puff paint and a few minutes of hands-on crafting time. Keep his feet toasty for playing indoors, and he won't slip on wood or tile floors. Simply buy a pair of heavy socks. You might even look for ones that have team logos, dinosaurs, or his school colors. Then take puff paint and apply it in dots, lines and other shapes to the bottom of the sock. You could even write his name out in puff paint on the soles. Now he can scurry about in personalized slipper socks.