Homemade Gag Gift Ideas

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Looking for ideas for a fun and unique gift that won't break the bank? You can make a DIY gag gift for someone you know instead of buying one. These homemade gag gifts are lighthearted and are sure to amuse anyone. Some are holiday-specific but others work at any time of the year.

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    12 Days of Christmas Gift Gags

    You can make the 12 days of Christmas stand out to your loved one by getting them a representative item from each of the 12 days. For example, for two turtle doves, you can give two bars of Dove soap or two Dove chocolates. For five golden rings, consider opening a can of pineapple rings and giving five of the ring-shaped fruit slices.

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    Candy Bar Letter

    Learn how to make a fun DIY gag gift letter using candy bars in place of some of the words. This message was originally created for a graduation gift, but it can be altered and used for any occasion.

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    Easter Poop Crafts

    While this tutorial uses jelly beans for the Easter bunny poop, pastel M&Ms, multi-colored malted milk balls, and mini Cadbury eggs would work equally as well. If you want to really gross out the kids in your life, try using chocolate-covered raisins instead.

    You can use the same craft gag gift for Christmas––this time, label it as reindeer poop.

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    Redneck Wine Glass

    All of the adults on your gift-giving list will get a chuckle out of these fun redneck wine glasses made using mason jars. Just glue the bottom of a mason jar to a glass candle holder and your gift is done. If you want to be fancy, you could tie a ribbon around the base where the jar meets the candle holder.

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    Boo! You Have Been Booed

    While this Booed letter gift works similar to a May Day basket or a chain letter, it can be fun to see if you can get your neighbors to pass it on and keep it going. It's a lighthearted, fun Halloween activity that is more silly than spooky. This is also a nice way to spread some friendly camaraderie and goodwill throughout the neighborhood.

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    Gag Certificates

    Humorous fake certificates are terrific for office get-togethers, school parties, or other occasions where you want to roast someone. Use what you know about the person to personalize their certificate and poke gentle fun at them. For giggles, you can consider drafting up the "Selective Hearing" award or the "Least Likely to Get to School Early" award for your friends and loved ones.

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    Batteries Only Included

    Tired of getting gifts with the batteries not included? Turn the tables and give batteries without the gift. Wrap them and add a note saying "gift not included" and hope that your recipient has a good sense of humor. 

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    All Natural Bubble Bath

    Remove the label from a can of beans and replace it with one that says "All Natural Bubble Bath: Cook and Eat One Hour Before Bath." This is a joke that all dads will appreciate.