Homemade Baby Costumes to Crochet and Craft

There are lots of fun reasons you might want to make a costume for your baby. For those of you who celebrate Halloween, Purim, or Easter, a homemade costume can add to the holiday fun. Homemade costumes look unique, and also help you avoid having the same exact costume as all the other little ones in the neighborhood.

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    This Cute Hat Is Part of a Cat Baby Costume.
    This Cute Hat Is Part of a Cat Baby Costume. This Cute Hat Is Part of a Cat Baby Costume. Photo © Erica Jackofsky.

    You could use this easy homemade hat as the basis of a little kittycat costume. There are lots of different things you could use for the body of the costume -- for example, cat (or mouse) printed PJs, or simply a cute set in colors that match your hat. (The little one can continue to wear this outfit even after the costume is no longer needed.) Add a little tail for maximum cuteness.

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    This Knit Cat Hat Could Be the Focal Point of a Cute Baby Cat Costume.
    Photo © Sarah E. White
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    Grape Baby Hat

    Grape Baby Hat
    Grape Baby Hat. Grape Baby Hat -- Photo Copyright Erica Jackofsky

    Doesn't this cute little hat spark some fun costume ideas? It sure does for me.

    Do you have friends or family members with babies of similar ages? How about making several of these hats, so you can have a cluster of grapes?

    For the body of the costume, I'm thinking you could dress the little one in a purple shirt or onesie, and you'd be all good to go. Bonus points if you make some purple baby booties too.

    Click Here to Get the Free Baby Hat Pattern.

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    Anne Geddes-Inspired Baby Costumes

    Red Heart has released some free patterns that utilize their Anne Geddes baby yarn. The designs resemble the costumes that you'd see in Anne Geddes' popular photographs. If you click through the following links, you'll be transported to the free patterns at the Redheart.com website:

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    Pumpkin Hat

    Baby Pumpkin Hat
    Photo © Sarah E. White

    Transform your little one into a cute pumpkin for either fall or Halloween. The hat is the focal point of the costume, but you could also dress baby up in a cute orange shirt or onesie, or a fall/Halloween print, for maximum effect.

    Get the Free Pumpkin Hat Pattern.

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    Baby Bunny Costumes for Easter, Halloween or Purim

    The main ingredients for a bunny costume: bunny ears and a fluffy little tail. Here you have bunches of ideas for how to do the ears:

    For the tail, how about a big fluffy pompom?