Homemade Gift Ideas for a Tight Budget

Cheap, Unique Gift Ideas for Christmas or Other Occasions

Short on funds and in need of a great gift? There are plenty of options for everyone on your list. You will have as much fun with these budget-friendly gifts as they will have when they receive them.

One of the best ways to save money and give a memorable gift is to make it yourself. Many of the suggestions in this list are homemade and that makes them even more special.

You will have to plan ahead and make sure to leave yourself enough time to get everything done. Yet, if you are strategic, as...MORE most frugal people are, this shouldn't be a problem!

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    Woman examining knitting in living room
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    Crafters know the value of giving away what they do best (and it's a great excuse to keep crafting). Knitters and crocheters can always come up with a quick scarf or holiday-themed project that brightens up the season. Sewers, stitchers, beaders and woodworkers are no different.

    If you haven't found your craft of choice yet, gift giving is a perfect reason to begin a new hobby.

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    Father and Daughter Making Homemade Play Doh
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    Homemade crayons, playdough, and sidewalk chalk will get any kids' attention. Not only is it an exciting (and cheap) gift, but it gives the kids hours of creative fun away from electronic devices!

    Young boys might enjoy an ooey-gooey homemade slime or a wicked cool marshmallow gun. It is ideas like this that may even make their friends jealous!

    Teenagers are a little trickier though a well-thought-out gift can (eventually) become part of their treasured memories. Vintage everything is all the rage, so making a wallet out of that old stash of cassette tapes may just be considered really cool.

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    Man corking bottles of home-made wine
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     A good plan with plenty of time to prepare and experiment is required if you want to give homemade booze to people on your gift list. From blackberry wine to rhubarb liqueur, many of these recipes are easy and require more time than skill or equipment.

    Beer may the exception, but a good idea if you're already dabbling with homebrews.

    Homemade alcohol is also a great way to use up the fruits of your garden! It's just one more bonus on top of enjoying great drinks and saving money.

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    Spreading the joy
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    You can also save money by giving a single Christmas gift that the whole family can enjoy. This might be a membership to the zoo, a set of movie tickets or a board game. They will enjoy the fact that you care about their family time and think about you during the experience.

    Of course, if all else fails, you can fall back on the reliable gift card. Did you know that there are ways to save money on those as well?