Bless the House: Home Inspired Cross Stitch Patterns


Have you ever had your house remodeled? If so, you know that it can turn your world upside down. The entire house will be stripped bare and it will be replaced with new beautiful siding. The downside...the house is a complete disaster, the upside....the house is going to be amazing once it is done. So, you put up with a little dust, okay a lot of dust, a few dogs barking for 8 hours and in exchange, you get a remodeled home. It's a fair exchange. In honor of the revamping of your home it...MORE would be great to feature a few home inspired cross stitch patterns.  

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    My Very Own House

     Would you really love to have a cross stitch pattern of  your house. Wouldn't that be great? A cross stitch sampler of your first house or maybe even the one that will be with you forever. MarNic Designs creates custom patterns of homes. You simply contact her, send her the picture and she will work up a pattern for you. Easy Peasy. It will cost you, but isn't it worth having a custom pattern of your very own house. You can see more of her work and email her at her website HERE.  

    If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can try making the pattern yourself. There are several pattern making programs out there, and some are even free! is just one example. Don't be scared to try it, even if you are new to cross stitching. Give it a try and create a beautiful piece of art. 

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    Home Sweet Home


    It used to be that Home Sweet Home samplers were corny but there are so many examples that are updated and fun that you can find one in any style now. Andwabisabi created this cute whimsical Home Sweet Home pattern that would be perfect for a little cottage. It is available HERE.  This pattern is a reminder of cartoons where the house is alive and falls in love with another house. Remember those cartoons? The colors in this pattern are so pretty and bright, but you can change them up to fit your style and favorite colors. 

    If you are looking for something a bit more traditional, Tereena Clark has you covered. You can purchase this pattern and get instant gratification by downloading it right then and there. How great is that? Check out all the online patterns on their website HERE. 

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    Home Made

    There are so many different styles of houses. My house is a Bungalow, my friend has an adorable chalet. Helen Smith has the greatest take of different styles of houses. Home Sick, Home Grown and Home Made are just a few of the plays on the normal house.You can have fun with this. Make an entire neighborhood with these patterns. It would also be fun to do a dorm room, your first apartment and your first house. Kind of a history of you and where you have lived.  You can purchase the pattern HERE. 

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    May a Cthulhu Devour This House Last

    Melita Curphy

    May a Cthulhu Devour This House Last. Sounds a bit scary, right? Well not if you are a HP Lovecraft fan. This tongue and cheek pattern is perfect for the science fiction horror fan. It would also look great in the office of your favorite English professor. It will scare off the faint at heart. Hardcorestitchcorps offers up Melita Curphy's pattern for purchase, but you can check out her work on her website  and purchase the pattern HERE. 

Home is where the heart is, that is nothing but the truth.There is nothing better than giving a house a beautiful facelift. She deserves it. Even if you can't do a complete remodel, you can show your house some love with these and other great home inspired patterns.With each cross stitch, you will feel the love, like crossing your home's heart with cross stitch "x's."