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Holly Homer, the About.com Kids Learning & Activities Expert, is a blogger and writer that adores play.  She is the mom of three boys who are partially homeschooled.  She knows the value of wearing them out with fun that sneaks in some learning.


 Holly publishes Kids Activities Blog that highlights fun things to do with kids and resources for parents.  Her activities have been featured everywhere online from BuzzFeed to Parenting.com.  As a homeschooling mom, she adores play-based learning even for older kids.


She wrote 101 Kids Activities that are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! with Rachel Miller.  This book was selected as a Kohl's Care book where proceeds will benefit children's charities.  Their second book will be published spring 2016.


 Holly holds a Master's degree in Physical Therapy.  She has used her science background to simplify complicated concepts for kids (and parents) - her favorite subject was gross anatomy.  Her knowledge has come in very handy dealing with sensory processing disorder in her own home as well as encouraging readers with similar challenges.

Holly Homer

The thing about kids is they grow up.  

They start out inquisitive, adventurous and wildly participatory.  They find thrill in activities, silly games and simple crafts.  Somewhere along the way a governor gets placed that says that inquiry can only be serious, adventures should be within a specific path and participation needs a leader.

I find that so tragic!

Play doesn't need to be planned, expensive or complicated.  Play meets everyone right where they are with what they have in their hand.  Let's play today.

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