10 Hemp Bracelet Patterns to Try

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    Beautiful DIY Bracelet Patterns

    If you’ve never tried making hemp bracelets, now is the time to start! Who doesn’t love wearable art? DIY hemp bracelets are an easy and affordable craft suitable for all ages and abilities. Make matching friendship bracelets for you and your bestie, add colorful beads for a bold accessory, or experiment with fun weaving techniques.

    This simple but extraordinary craft only requires one supply—hemp cords. As you become familiar with the weaving process of creating these unique bracelets, you can kick things up a notch by experimenting with new designs and adding colorful accessories such as beads or buttons.

    Since so few supplies are required, you can bring this craft with you anywhere. Whether you’re leaving for school or headed out of town, simply toss some hemp cord in your bag and bring your craft to work on during breaks or when time allows. With these great tutorials, you’ll be able to design a new bracelet for every day of the week (and then some).

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    Back to Basics

    Are you new to the art of making hemp bracelets? Or, maybe you’re looking to refine your skills. Either way, use this easy-to-follow tutorial to learn in-depth the basics of creating multiple hemp bracelet patterns. The plethora of photos provided will show you just where to place your fingers and what weaving patterns are used to create various bracelets. Choose your favorite to create your own DIY accessory.

    How to Macramé a Hemp Bracelet from Rings & Things

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    DIY Two-Tone Friendship Bracelet

    Okay, this craft requires one extra material—a button. It will be worth the extra effort. Using different colors of hemp can create a unique two-toned design that looks elegant and intricate, though the DIY is made simple here.

    Easy DIY Macrame Friendship Bracelets from Crafts Unleashed

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    Beaded Bracelet

    Adding gold beads to a basic woven hemp bracelet is a simple way to create jewelry that looks exceptionally fashionable without breaking the bank.

    DIY Braided Bead Bracelet from Honestly WTF

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    DIY Celtic Knot

    This in-depth tutorial shows you how to braid a traditional Celtic knot into a bracelet using a leather cord. If you want to make a hemp bracelet, just swap that out for the leather cord to create this craft and harness the luck of the Irish.

    Celtic Knot Bracelet Tutorial from The Tamara Blog

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    Macrame DIY

    Finding the perfect accessory to suit your mood is a daunting task. DIY jewelry to the rescue! Create a stunning one-of-a-kind accessory using macramé techniques and hemp cord. Incorporate a few fashionable gold rings in this tutorial for added style.

    DIY Macramé Bracelet from Honestly WTF

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    Woven Hemp Bracelet

    A switchback macramé technique with small colorful beads along the way creates an interesting and eye-catching final product. If you want to go back to basics or create an original spiral hemp bracelet, this tutorial has you covered.

    Macramé Bracelet Tutorial from Leslie Unfinished

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    Beaded Square Knot Hemp Bracelet

    Discover a new knot pattern while adding some flare to your hemp bracelets using colorful beads and cord material. The beads are in the spotlight here, so make sure to use your favorite ones.

    Square Knot Bracelet from Frugal Family Home

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    Chevron Friendship Bracelet

    Instead of using colorful embroidery thread, stick to colorful hemp when following this tutorial to end up with a strong and beautiful DIY friendship bracelet ready to withstand even the longest-lasting bestie relationships. Alternate colors and braiding patterns to create adorable chevron patterns and use rhinestones to give your bracelet a stylish boost.

    DIY Friendship Bracelet from Honestly WTF

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    Hemp Kumihimo Bracelets

    Use colorful hemp cords, often found in multi-colored packs at your local craft retailer, to create these adorable bracelets. For this specific braid, you’ll want to purchase a Kumihimo kit to help you create a beautiful, quick, and easy design. To finish, add jewelry clasps so you can take these bracelets on and off as you please. This way, you can pick out a new Kumihimo hemp bracelet to wear each day, depending on your outfit, of course.

    Hemp Kumihimo Bracelets from Dream a Little Bigger

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    Zipper Patterned Hemp Bracelet

    Hemp in contrasting colors is utilized to create a striking zipper design in this DIY hemp bracelet tutorial. The end result will look so chic that no one will believe you made it yourself. Follow the photographed steps in this tutorial to make things easy.

    Zipper Hemp Bracelet Tutorial from Ginger World Problems