12 Helpful Cross Stitch Tools, Gadgets, and Organizers

Enhance your stitching experience with helpful tools, gadgets and organizers

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There are so many amazing tools for cross-stitching. You can organize your floss, see your pattern better with a magnifier or simply stitch with a gold needle. Tools and organizers help us produce the best cross stitch project we can. Below is a small sampling of some of the best tools out there to make the most of your cross stitching time and patterns. 

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    All-Purpose Magnifier

    Magnifying glass


    Magnifiers are perfect for seeing small details in patterns. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, You can attach them directly to your hoop or around your neck to allow your hands to do what they do best...stitch! The magnifier featured is from Amazon.com and attaches around your neck to give you optimum viewing of small stitches and patterns.

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    Bead Nabber

    Annie's Craft Store

    Adding beads and other embellishments to your cross stitch is a great way to add depth to your project. Unfortunately, small beads can be a hassle to keep track of. Fortunately, the Bead Nabber is the gadget for picking up beads and allows you to keep those little gems in one place.

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    Craft Storage Boxes

    Craft Storage Box for Floss


    Many people have craft storage boxes in their crafting room, So many of the boxes are filled to the brim with DMC cross stitch floss.  The rest are filled with various other floss brands, beads, trims, blending filament, and miscellaneous embellishments. You can get smaller storage boxes for each project you are working from. You can keep your pattern, floss, and scissors in the storage for easy on the go stitching. Joann's has a wide variety of storage boxes ranging in extra large to extra small. 

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    Easy Count Guideline

    Easy Count Cross Stitch Guide

    REasy Count

    Easy Count Guideline is a nylon thread that assists the stitcher in locating the exact point to stitch on the fabric. When used to grid cross stitch fabric, the product forms squares that match the Cross Stitch pattern. Easy Count Guideline is a great for beginners or for large-scale projects that need extra mapping. REasy Count offers several sizes guidelines.

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    Floss Bobbin Winder

    Floss Bobbin Winder


    Floss bobbins winders will save you so much time when preparing for your project.  If you use a bobbin-based floss storage system, this tool is a lifesaver. Attach this bobbin winder to the side of your storage box and keep it with you to kit up your next project. Bobbin winders are fairly inexpensive. Amazon.com has several types for purchase.

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    Judy's Boo Boo Stick

    Judy's Boo Boo Stick

    123 Cross Stitch

    Judy's Boo Boo Stick is designed to help with removing errant stitches, or as we in the stitching crowd call it - frogging. The tool is also helpful when dealing with textured fiber. This tool is linen friendly and is perfect for pulling out threads without ruining the fabric. 123 Cross Stitch has the Boo Boo Stick ready to ship. 

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    Lighting Solutions for Stitchers

    Craft Light


    Proper lighting is essential to Cross Stitch success. It is so much easier to stitch on any Cross Stitch Stitching Surface when it is well-illuminated. Ottlites are the premier lighting solution for all crafters. These lights are on the expensive side but they are well worth the price. The one featured also has a caddy for your scissors, needles and other stitchy accessories. You can purchase the light directly at Ottlite.com.​

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    Petite Cross Stitch Needles

    Petite Needles

    123 Cross Stitch

    Petite tapestry needles are perfect for stitching on linen and other small cross stitch fabric. The shorter needles allow you to use floss up to 2 inches to the end, thus less waste. 123 Cross Stitch has several types of Petite Cross Stitch Needles from a variety of companies. They also come in a range of price depending on your budget. 

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    Plastic Canvas

    Plastic Canvas


    Plastic canvas is so great. Many people love to use it for magnets, bookmarks, and other cross stitch projects It comes in a variety of sizes and colors. It is a great way to teach children how to cross-stitch and needlepoint. Blick.com offers plastic canvas individually or in bundles.

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    Puffin Craft Strand Separator

    Puffin Thread and Floss Separator


    If you are looking for a functional and beautiful gift for a stitcher, consider the Puffin Craft Strand Separator. Avoid knots and tangles with this effective tool. You can keep your strands inline and without tangles with a Strand Separator. Puffin Co. has beautiful floss separators for purchase. They are truly small works of art.

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    Snip-A-Stitch Scissors

    Snip a Stitch Scissors


    Snip-A-Stitch Scissors make for quick work when removing misplaced stitches. The scissors allow you to get into each stitch and easily cut them to fix your project. There are many stores that have Snip-A-Stitch Scissors for sale. Walmart offers them for an inexpensive price, so you can purchase one for you and one for a friend. ​

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    Thread Heaven Floss Conditioner

    Thread Heaven Conditioner

    Thread Heaven

    If you stitch with metallic or polyester floss, you need this little blue box of magic. Thread Heaven allows you to condition your metallic floss so it will not fray and make it easier to thread your needle. It also allows your floss to glide through the fabric much easier. You can purchase Thread Heaven directly from their website.

Tools of the Trade

Getting started in cross stitch it is important to have the proper tools. If you have the best tools in your toolbox, you will produce the best cross stitch projects. There are so many different products out there, try many before you settle on the ones that work best for you. Have fun trying out new products.