Hard Hat Liner, Do-Rag, Helmet Liner - Free Sewing Pattern

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    Materials Needed to Sew Your Own Helmet Liner

    My husband is not a biker so the idea of him wearing a do-rag seemed a bit far fetched. He does wear a hard hat though and it is hot in the summer, as well as be cold in the winter. Where my husband works the guys improvise to make the situation more comfortable.The summer heat usually has the sweat rolling in their eyes so he asked me to make him some kind of kind of headwear that would absorb some of the sweat and prevent it from rolling into his eyes. He's conservative so any do-rags that...MORE we found were a bit on the wild side for him... as usual, the solution is to make it myself!  Next step... fleece hard hat liners for the cooler weather.

    Materials Needed:

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    Cutting Out the Helmet Liner

    Cutting out a do rag
    Cutting instructions. Debbie Colgrove

    Assemble the Pattern Pieces.

    • Assemble the center pattern piece by matching the indicated lines and taping them together

    Use the grain lines on the pattern pieces to lay out the pattern pieces on your fabric.

    Cutting the fabric

    • Cut one of the center pattern pieces
    • Cut two of the side pattern piece.
    • Cut one piece 21" by 3" on the straight grain (Center Front Band)
    • Cut two pieces 10 1/2" by 1 1/2" on the straight grain(Ties)

    From the terry cloth

    • Cut 1" by 8" (cut one or two layers...MORE depending on how thick and absorbent you want the terry to be.) Serge or zigzag the edges to prevent fraying.


    • Find the color terry cloth you want in inexpensive washcloth packages, rather than buying yardage that you might never use. One box store in my area sells packages of 12 for $4.
    • When cutting strips, rotary cutting tools will assure you are cutting straight and squared.​
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    Prepare Front Band

    Preparing the Front Band Sewing a Do Rag
    Prepare the do-rag front band. Debbie Colgrove
    • Zigzag or serge the edges of the terry cloth.
    • Fold the front band in half lengthwise and press fold.
    • Find the center of the length of the band and the center of the length of the terry cloth.
    • Match the centers with an edge of the terry cloth along the lengthwise fold, just to the back side of the strip of fabric.
    • Stitch the terry cloth in place by sewing through one layer of the fabric and the terry cloth, stitching at the edge of the terry cloth.
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    Prepare The Ties

    Sewing the Do Rag Ties
    Sewing the do-rag tie strips. Debbie Colgrove
    • Serge or zigzag three edges of the ties, leaving on short edge un-sewn.
    • Press the finished edge to the wrong side of the ties.
    • Stitch the finished edge in place, stitching as close to the edge as possible.
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    Prepare the Ties and Band

    Attaching the Do Rag Ties to the Band
    Instructions to attach the tie strips. Debbie Colgrove
    • Lay the right side of the tie, face down on the side of the band that does not have the terry cloth attached as shown in the photo.
    • Fold the right sides of the front band together, enclosing the tie.
    • Stitch across the ends using a 1/4"  seam allowance.
    • Turn the band right sides out and press with the length of the band folded in half.
    • Optional - Baste the raw edges together.
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    Join Side and Center Sections

    Joining the Do Rag Sides and Center Section
    Joining the sections of the do-rag. Debbie Colgrove
    • Place the curved edge to the center section, pointed end to the front, as shown in the photo. 
    • "Stretch" the side section edge to fit the center section edge and pin it in place.
    •  Sew them together using a 1/4" seam allowance.
    • Apply a seam finish.
    • Press toward the side sections.
    • Repeat for the other side section.
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    The Darts

    Darts in a Do Rag
    Sewing the darts to shape the do-rag. Debbie Colgrove
    • Bring the sides of the darts in the back of the center section together.
    • Using a 3/8" seam allowance, sew the dart, tapering to a point as shown in the photo.
    • Press the darts toward the center.

    Learn About Sewing Darts

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    Attach the Band to the Body of the Do-Rag

    Attaching the Band and Ties to the Do Rag
    Attaching the do-rag ties and band to the body of the do-rag. Debbie Colgrove
    • Find the center of the length of the band and mark it.
    • Find the center of the front edge of the center section and mark it.
    • Match the center markings keeping the band folded, matching the right side of the body of the liner with the non-terry cloth edge of the band. Leave 3/8" of the end of the body of the liner uncovered by the band for a hemmed edge of the body of the liner.
    • Sew the band to the body of the liner using a 1/4" seam allowance.
    •  Apply a seam finish to the seam.
    • Press the seam...MORE allowance toward the body of the liner.
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    How to hem the back edge of a do rag
    Hem the back edge. Debbie Colgrove
    • Apply a seam finish or serge the back edge of the body of the liner.
    • Press the edge to the wrong side of the fabric and stitch the hem in place.