Crosswords, Word Searches, and Other Games for Harry Potter Fans

Free Online and Printable Harry Potter Games for Kids and Fans

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Harry Potter fans can wave their pencils at these free word search puzzles, crossword games, and quizzes with themes pertaining to characters, places, and things from the world of Harry Potter. Most of these hidden word puzzles and games can be played online or printed and solved on paper.

Many independent game makers have created their own games, which you can find below, or you can find some officially released games by author J.K. Rowling's U.K. book publisher, Bloomsbury.

Printable Crossword Puzzles

Crosswords are a great way to develop vocabulary skills and have fun, too! These fun crosswords all feature words that appear in the best-selling series of children's books by J.K. Rowling. These crosswords are in HTML format so you can just print and solve.

Word Search Puzzles

Most of these word search puzzles are considered medium difficulty. Hint: a majority of these puzzles go in one direction.

Jigsaw Puzzles

These jigsaw puzzle games feature Harry and his friends as they battle the forces of evil featuring characters, objects, and scenes from the books and movies.

  • Hogwarts: This 100-piece online jigsaw puzzle by has a timer, too. Do it once, then try to beat your time on a second round.
  • Harry Potter characters: Try these 48-piece puzzles on Jigzone of your favorite characters like Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy, and Ron Weasley.
  • Harry Potter movie scenes: These 48-piece puzzles on Jigzone offer popular movie scenes from getting ready for a Quidditch match to memorable Hagrid moments.

Word Scramble and Personality Profile

Unscramble words to figure out famous people, places, and things from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Also, see what house you would belong to if you were set in that world.

  • Harry Potter jumble: Play online to rearrange letters to come up with words related to Harry Potter.
  • Hogwarts personality profile: Answer the questions and the Sorting Hat will determine which house you would be sent to if you were attending Hogwarts.

Quiz Games

So, you think you're a Harry Potter expert? These quizzes will determine just how closely you paid attention to the books and movies.

  • Mega trivia quiz: See how you score in this trivia quiz that covers topics from seven books in the series.
  • Game show quiz: Test your Harry Potter knowledge in this game show quiz.

Much More

If you are in the mood for more hands-on games such as video games, board games like Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit, or popular games like Monopoly, Chess, or Clue that have been merchandized with the Harry Potter brand, you can find those online to purchase.

Go all out and host your own Harry Potter-themed party with tons of cool ideas including all these games that you find online.