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Hardanger Embroidery is a specific type of embroidery that may look really tough to accomplish but once you get the basic skills down, you can create one of a kind beautiful projects. Hardanger looks like lace, but it is a little easier to accomplish. You can decorate clothing, decor or frame and hang up your project. You can learn all about Hardanger Embroidery and find free patterns and lessons to get you started with this traditional counted thread embroidery style. For more free patterns, see the Free Hardanger Embroidery Patterns designed by Connie G. Barwick.

Stitches to know: Kloster block | Four-Sided stitch | Back Stitch

All patterns are copyrighted. Please respect the terms of use for each pattern. If someone wants a copy, please refer them to the pattern URL. Do not resale any patterns. 

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    Free Hardanger Designs

    Photo © Connie G. Barwick

    Simple patterns for basic Hardanger practice.

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    Large Hardanger Heart Pattern

    From Jill Martz, this large heart design includes instructions and diagrams for stitching.

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    Butterfly Scissors Fob

    This Scissors Fob project from Victoria Sampler is pretty and practical.

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    Crystal Waters Hardanger Pillow Pattern

    Detailed instructions and diagrams are provided for this small pillow project.

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    Hardanger Needlework Lessons - Carol Leather

    Learn the basic skills of Hardanger in this series of lessons from Carol Leather of Needlework Tips and Techniques. Carol's graphics and explanations make taking the first steps of learning how to do Hardanger less intimidating.

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    Hardanger for Kids from the Caron Collection

    Mary Hickmott's lesson is simple enough for a child to follow, but beginning Hardanger enthusiasts of all ages will benefit.

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    Victorian Sampler

     Victorian Sampler website has so many free projects for you to try out. They have everything from seasonal patterns to flowers to people. You can also find tutorials on the site. 

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     This is a personal website that has several patterns created by the owner of the site. They also have tutorials and links to other sites. 

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     Pinterest is a great place to find free patterns. You can create boards for any type of stitching you like. 

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    Embroidery Pattern Central

     Embroidery Pattern Central is a clearinghouse of free patterns. You have to download the pdf for the free pattern. 

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    Needlework Tips

     Needlework Tips has tutorials and free patterns to download and keep. The tutorials offered up are step by step and easy to follow. 

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     Needlework Tips besides having tutorials also has a free pattern for a bookmark. While this bookmark may look delicate, it can stand up to any book page. 

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    Antique Library

     The Antique Library is an excellent source for vintage patterns. They have a whole page dedicated to just Hardanger. While these patterns are free, it is nice to donate to keep the site going. 

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    Manya 72

     Manya 72 is a personal blog that offers up several free patterns and tips on hardanger. From scissor cases to ornaments, you can find beautiful patterns on the site. 

  • 15 of 18 has so many different patterns to create beautiful projects. This website has so many fun ideas that you could spend hours just looking. They also offer excellent tutorials and advice. 

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    The Nordic Needle

     Is there anything the Nordic Needle can't do? They offer patterns, both for sale and for free, they also offer up tips and tutorials and supplies. It is a one stop shop for all of your needlework needs. 

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     Hardanger has several free patterns and tips for your next projects. They do not have a lot of pictures so you might be hunting blindly but it is worth it when you get a free pattern. 

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    Threadhead is the perfect place to get started when trying to learn this type of stitching. A step by step picture guide will help you along the way. 

Try Something New

Is Hardanger new to you? Why not give it a try and learn a new stitch and craft. It is a fun and beautiful way to stitch. This stitch type may look fragile but it is sturdy and can stand the test of time. You can create so many projects for yourself, family and friends.