Happy Birthday! Birthday Inspired Cross Stitch

Stitch up a Happy Birthday Surprise

 Someone who shall remain anonymous had a birthday this week. I'm not gonna mention how awesome the birthday was but let's just say this person was happier than a bird with a french fry.Let's celebrate all June birthday babies with some incredibly cute and meaningful birthday inspired cross stitch patterns. Come everyone! Join in on the sing along...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...

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    You Take the Cake

    123 Cross Stitch

     As everyone knows, a party without cake is just a meeting. It is a must to have cake on your birthday. Whether you love chocolate, strawberry or just plain white cake, make sure you get the biggest piece and the icing rose. The problem with cake, besides it going straight to your thighs is that it can get stale. Why not create a cake that will be around for years to come. Country Cottage has created a pattern containing beautiful cakes that are perfect for a birthday. I love the whimsy feeling of this pattern. It would also be perfect in a bakery or a kitchen. It is a definite keepsake. You can purchase the pattern HERE. 

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    Having a Party

    Happy Birthday
    Cloud Factory

     Yahoo! Let's celebrate June birthdays with a par-tay! Can I get an amen? Nothing is better than spending your birthday with good friends. You can get your groove on and celebrate the day you were born. What could be more fun? Sure you can take pictures of your friends to remember the day, but wouldn't it be better to cross stitch a pattern of you and your guests.I absolutely love the font for "Happy Birthday" The Cloud Factory has a great birthday design to remember your day. You can find this pattern as well as other amazing and creative patterns on their website HERE. They even have a freebie or two! 

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    Pop a Top

    Party Time
    Charlotte Alexander

    There is only one true way to celebrate a birthday and that's with a little sip of the bubbly. I for one, love champagne. It tickles your nose and can make you a bit silly. If you are not a drinker but want to still celebrate with a glass, why not stitch up Charlotte Alexander's Party Time pattern. This design is great for any occasion, not just a birthday, because really, we all need to celebrate life. You can purchase the pattern HERE.  

Celebrating a birthday is the absolute best. It means that you not only survived another year on this planet, but you also thrived! You did it and you look great! Not a year older than the last. Whether you have a huge party or a small get together, make sure that you include your favorite hobby, cross stitch! Get creative this birthday, get to stitching.