Sewing Hanging Kitchen Towel Potholders

Kitchen towels, oven mitt, and potholders
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Materials Needed

Hanging towel with potholder top
Debbie Colgrove

A hanging towel in the kitchen means there is always one towel you can find when you need it.  A hand towel that is hanging on the front of the stove is much safer than a towel that is on the counter next to the stove where it could possibly catch on fire. Stay safe!

These free instructions are so easy a beginner can make one, and you may find yourself mass producing them as gifts.

Materials Needed

  • A kitchen hand towel
  • A square or rectangle potholder with a loop for hanging (6" to 7" wide by 6" to 8" long)
  • Thread to match
  • Sewing machine with a straight stitch
  • A button, approximately 1"—the button has to fit through the potholder loop and be large enough to hold the loop so the towel can be hung.

The Process

Attaching the towel to the potholder for a hanging kitchen towel
Debbie Colgrove
  1. Preshrink the potholder and towel, since they will need to be laundered frequently.
  2. Press the towel flat.
  3. Fold the towel in half lengthwise and press the fold.
  4. Press the width of the towel in half and press or mark the fold where it intersects the first fold.
  5. Be sure you are matching the hemmed edges as you find the center. Being accurate at this step will ensure that the hems of the towel hang evenly on the finished hanging towel.
  6. Sew a row of basting stitches on the fold that was made by folding the length of the towel in half. Sew a row of basting stitches on each side of the fold line basting, sewing approximately 1/8" away from the center line of stitching.
  7. Find the center of the potholder edge that is opposite of the edge with the hanging loop by folding it in half, and mark the center on the edge of the potholder.
  8. Match the center of the potholder with the center of the potholder, with the lengthwise fold over the stitching line that is holding the folded bias tape on the edge of the potholder.
  9. Bring the edges of the towel to the edges of the potholder.
  10. Gather the towel to fit the potholder edge.
  11. Pin the lengthwise fold over the stitching line on the potholder. Hand baste if desired so that the fold is lined up with the potholder stitching.
  12. Turn the towel and potholder over so that you can see the line of stitching on the potholder. With the towel spread out flat under the potholder, sew directly over the potholder stitching to attach the towel to the potholder.
  13. Remove any visible basting stitches.

Marking the Button Placement

Marking for the button on a hanging kitchen towel
Debbie Colgrove
  1. Turn the potholder over so the towel is attached to the side of the potholder that is down.
  2. Fold the top of the potholder (the edge with the loop) down, so the loop is 1" from the bottom of the potholder.
  3. With the potholder folded in place, mark where the center of the loop is over the bottom layer of the potholder.
  4. Sew the button on that mark.
  5. Hang the towel on the front of your stove or another convenient location.

Ideas to Coordinate Your Kitchen

  • Use towels as fabric to create small kitchen appliance covers. 
  • Use towels that are the same color as your curtains.
  • Add half of a dish towel to an apron that you make, so it is always handy to wipe your hands.
  • If you don't have a potholder, make your own potholder.