10 Hand Embroidery Patterns for Geeks

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    Embroidery Patterns for Your Geeky Side

    Get ready to geek out over these embroidery patterns featuring some modern and classic icons of geekdom. From video games to science, comic books to science fiction, these designs are the perfect way to stitch fandoms and favorites!

    Some of the designs are small and quick to stitch, while others include collections that make it possible to create an embroidered quilt. Talk about an special gift for the fan in your life!

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    Embroidered Map From the Hobbit

    Do you love The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings? Visit Cation Designs to see how to stitch your own map design. Embroidery is such a great way to capture favorite elements from these classic books (Here's a hint: those book illustrations make excellent patterns!)

    At the same site be sure to check out the Gollum embroidery created with a printable Valentine also from Cation Designs.

    Map of the Lonely Mountain, via Cation Designs

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    Kid-Friendly Super Hero Patterns

    Super heroes and comic books are always a favorite, for geeks and everyone. This free set of embroidery patterns is a kid-friendly pack of heroes that So September calls the Kindersquad!

    These four pint-sized super friends are ready to save the world, one stitch at a time. 

    Kindersquad Patterns, via So September

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    Marauder's Map Embroidery Pattern

    Harry Potter Marauder's Map Free Pattern
    Flamingo Toes

    If you're a Harry Potter geek, you'll love this Marauder's Map hoop art from Flamingo Toes. It's a great way to declare that you "solemnly swear I am up to no good." Along with the free embroidery pattern for the design, Bev shows how to dye your fabric, giving it a vintage-map look.

    Marauder's Map, via Flamingo Toes

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    Legend of Zelda Mini Embroidery Patterns

    Legend of Zelda video games have been around for a long time, and fans of this series will instantly recognize the iconic images in these free patterns. Even when filled with satin stitch, the patterns are small enough to make them a fast embroidery project. But you could easily work them only in outline stitch, making them easy enough for kids to embroider!

    Legend of Zelda Embroidery Patterns, via JessyRatfink on Instructables

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    Embroidered Star Wars Quilt Patterns

    Not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, Kirsten of Geeknots created a collection of patterns to make a hand-embroidered Star Wars quilt. The 16 free patterns, with characters and vehicles from the original trilogy as well as episode 7, have a cute and fun style to them that kids and Star Wars geeks will love.

    Use the patterns to make a whole quilt, or choose just one or two to stitch as hoop art or on a t-shirt!

    Star Wars Embroidery Patterns, via geeknots

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    No-Sew Embroidered Dice Bag & Patterns

    Embroidered Dice Bag
    Embroidered Dice Bag. Mollie Johanson

    For those who love games like Dungeons & Dragons or any other geek favorites, a drawstring bag is a must for holding all those multi-sided dice! This embroidered dice bag doesn't require any sewing and there are free patterns to stitch dice with 8, 12 or 20 sides!

    Stitch one of these for everyone in your D & D club!

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    Happy Chemistry Embroidery Patterns

    Most of the patterns in this list feature designs that are for the modern geek, but classic geek subjects, such as math or science shouldn't be ignored!

    Wendi from Shiny Happy World created these crazy cute chemistry patterns that science lovers, young and old, will love. Wannabe mad scientists and those who just can't get enough science will want you stitching this smiling lab equipment on everything.

    Happy Chemistry Embroidery Pattern, $5, Shiny Happy World

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    Doctor Who Embroidery Pattern Collection

    Which is your favorite Doctor? At Fandom in Stitches, you'll find hand embroidery patterns representing Doctors One through Twelve, along with many other Doctor Who characters, icons and phrases. They were designed for a stitch along and include instructions for making a quilt.

    Be sure to scroll through the many patterns in this list, and then look through all of the other geek favorites on this site. Many are quilt block patterns, but searching for "embroidery" or "embroidered" helps sort through the paper-piecing designs, and even those are likely to inspire your stitching!

    Doctor Who Embroidery Patterns, via Fandom in Stitches

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    Robot Family Hand Embroidery Patterns

    Robot Family Embroidery Pattern
    LiliPopo Embroidery

    If robots ever take over the world, hopefully they'll be as adorable as these robot family embroidery patterns! Although there are plenty of details in the designs, you'll only need to know back stitch to work them, making these sweet sci-fi patterns perfect for beginners. Could they be any cuter?

    Robot Family Embroidery Patterns, $4, LiliPopo

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    Mario Kart Kawaii-Style Embroidery Patterns

    Mario Kart Mini Embroidery Patterns
    Mollie Johanson

    Nintendo's favorite plumber is the star of many video games, including the classic racing game series, Mario Kart. These free tiny patterns from Wild Olive have kawaii versions of the special items encountered throughout the games. Even if you aren't a video game geek, the sweet smiling banana peel, ghost, mushroom and other designs will win your heart!

    Mario Kart Minis, via Wild Olive