41 Halloween Word Search Puzzles

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Halloween word search puzzles are a great activity for children to celebrate Halloween and at the same time reinforce their spelling and vocabulary skills. These Halloween word search puzzles are so fun that they won't even know that they're learning something at the same time!

The Halloween word searches below are organized into three skill levels: easy puzzles that have 15 or fewer words that need to be found, medium puzzles that have 16 to 30 words, and challenging puzzles that have more than 31 Halloween words to find. These are printable Halloween word search puzzles that you can easily print from your home computer.

You also create your own Halloween word search puzzle or try your hand at a fall word search puzzle or some other holiday word searches.

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    Easy Printable Halloween Word Searches

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    These easy Halloween word searches all have 15 or fewer Halloween words that need to be found to solve them. They're great for children who are in grades 1–3.

    1. Kid-Friendly Halloween Word Search: There are just six hidden words in this easy Halloween word search just for the little ones.
    2. Halloween Word Search: There are six words to find in this word search that features a jack-o-lantern full of colorful candy.
    3. Halloween Fun Word Search: The kids will need to find nine Halloween fun words to celebrate the completion of this puzzle.
    4. Halloween Object Word Search: This is a unique Halloween word search where children are given nine images instead of words.
    5. Halloween Treats: There are nine Halloween treats to find in this word search that also doubles as a coloring page.
    6. Halloween Ghosts Word Search: The kids will need to find nine hidden words in this puzzle all about Halloween ghosts.
    7. Costume Craze Word Search: 10 costume words need to be found in this costume-themed word search puzzle.
    8. Spooky Color Word Search: There are ghosts waiting to help you find 10 colors in this Halloween themed word search puzzle.
    9. Halloween Monsters Word Search: This is an adorable Halloween word search where you'll need to find 12 words to solve it.
    10. Picture Halloween Word Search: This Halloween word search is perfect for younger kids because there are only 12 words to find and each word is accompanied by an image.
    11. Halloween Costumes Word Search: Challenge the little ones to find 12 Halloween costumes in this fun word search puzzle.
    12. Halloween Word Search: Find 12 hidden words in this very colorful word search puzzle featuring a ghost, black cat, candy corn, and other fun characters.
    13. Spooky Halloween Word Search: If your child is ready for a tougher word search, this spooky Halloween word search has 15 hidden words.
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    Medium Level Printable Halloween Word Searches

    Making the perfect Halloween decor
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    With these medium level Halloween word searches, you'll find a range of 16–30 words that need to be found in each puzzle. These puzzles are recommended for grades 4–5.

    1. Free Halloween Word Search Printable: Here's a great free Halloween word search puzzle that has 17 Halloween words to find. This one would make a great classroom printable.
    2. Halloween Word Search: Print this Halloween word search and find 19 Halloween words.
    3. Witch Word Search Puzzle: Find 19 witch words to solve this medium level Halloween word search.
    4. Halloween and Costumes Word Search: In this medium-level Halloween word search there are 20 words to find.
    5. Ghost Word Search Puzzle: Complete this Halloween word search by finding 20 ghost-related terms.
    6. Pumpkin Word Search Puzzle: After you've found the 20 words in this Halloween word search you can put the remaining letters together to learn an interesting fact about pumpkins.
    7. Dracula Word Search: Find 20 words that have to do with Dracula and you'll solve this Halloween word search.
    8. Scary Words Word Search Puzzle: After you've found 20 scary words use the remaining letters to learn a fact about the scariest movie ever.
    9. Frankenstein Word Search Puzzle: This Halloween word search puzzle has the theme of Frankenstein and you'll need to find 20 words to solve it.
    10. Halloween Candy Word Search Puzzle: There are 20 types and brands of candy to find in this word search puzzle.
    11. Horror Movies Word Search Puzzle: Find 20 titles of horror movies in this free Halloween word search puzzle.
    12. Halloween Word Search: Find 23 hidden words in this creepy Halloween word search covered with flying bats.
    13. Creative Halloween Word Search Puzzle: Celebrate your victory after you find 25 words in this Halloween word search that can be downloaded as a PDF file.
    14. Trick-or-Treat Word Search: This tricky trick-or-treat word search puzzle has 25 hidden words you'll need to find.
    15. Squigly's Halloween Costume Word Search: This Halloween word search will have you looking high and low for 26 Halloween costumes.
    16. Happy Halloween Word Search: Find 27 Halloween words in this free, printable Halloween word search that features a cat and a witches hat.
    17. Printable Halloween Word Search: This is a super cute Halloween word search where you'll need to find 27 words to win.
    18. Halloween Word Search Puzzle: This word search barely belongs in the medium level with 29 words.
    19. Challenging Halloween Words Search: Find 30 hidden words in this Halloween word search puzzle.
    20. Halloween Word Search: There are 30 Halloween themed words hiding in this puzzle.
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    Challenging Printable Halloween Word Searches

    Young Skeleton Girl using laptop
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    These are some tough Halloween word searches. They contain 31 words and up and are great for children in grades 6 and older. They're great for adults as well!

    1. Hard Halloween Word Search: You'll need to find 34 hidden words to successfully complete this challenging Halloween word search.
    2. Halloween Hardest Word Search: This is a tough Halloween word search with 35 words to find.
    3. The Ultimate Halloween: Find 50 hidden words and phrases in this very difficult Halloween word search puzzle.
    4. Halloween: There are 50 hidden words to find in this Halloween word search puzzle that's great for older kids.
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    Online Halloween Word Searches for All Levels

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    Here are a few online Halloween word searches that are all completed online. They range from the easy level to more challenging puzzles.

    1. Halloween Word Search: This unique Halloween word search puzzle is completely online. Use your mouse to find the 11 hidden words. Click the New Game button and you'll be given all new words.
    2. Halloween Word Search from ABCYA: Choose from a small Halloween word search (10 words) or a big one (15 words) in this online puzzle.
    3. Lucky Number 13 Halloween Word Search: Use your mouse to find the 13 hidden words in this online Halloween word search.
    4. Monster Halloween Puzzle: Wow! You'll need to find 50 words to win this online Monster Halloween word search.