Halloween Paper Lantern Craft

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    Light Up a Spooky Path

    Halloween Paper Lantern Craft
    Three Cute Halloween Lanterns!. Rita Shehan

    These cute lanterns will add a wonderful touch to your Halloween Night Festivities.Use them for your party, trick or treating or lantern parade. Just beautiful!

    Supplies Needed:

    • Lantern PDF printable files and top/bottom die cut files
    • 8.5 in x 11 in premium white cardstock
    • Black poster board
    • Bone folder
    • Scissors
    • Vegetable oil
    • Paper towels
    • Plastic sheet to protect work surface from oil
    • Brush
    • Laser printer
    • Die cut machine (optional)
    • Craft knife
    • Metal ruler
    • Wire for handle
    • Circle punch
    • Tea light candles (regular or...MORE electric)
    • Quick drying tacky glue
    • Stapler (optional)


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    Print, Score, Cut and Fold Each Panel

    Front and Sides of Owl Halloween Lantern
    Front and Sides of Owl Halloween Lantern. Rita Shehan

    There is a choice of three lantern designs offered in the free download. The owl lantern has one front page featuring an owl, and three zig zag side pieces. The cat lantern has a front side featuring a cat, and three side pages that have black and white polka a dots. The lantern with words has two pages that need to be printed twice. The words boo and eek are on opposite sides of each other.

    • Print out the pages of choice on a laser printer. This is a very important step because the laser ink will...MORE not smear when the lantern is oiled.
    • Using a bone folder and ruler score a line and fold towards front 1/2 inch from the edge on every side of the panel. There will be a 1/2 square on each corner of the lantern side.
    • Using scissors, cut each corner from the lantern pane.
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    Oil the Lantern

    bowl and brush with vegetable
    Oil the Lantern with Clear Vegetable OIl. Rita Shehan

    Each panel of the lantern needs to be brushed with vegetable oil. This is what gives the lantern transparency and a wonderful glow under candle light Any type of vegetable oil can be used as long as it is clear. I chose to use Canola oil and got good results.

    1. Cover the work space with a plastic sheet.
    2. Layer paper towels onto the plastic sheet and place paper to be oiled on top.
    3. Brush with oil until the paper is a grey color and no longer has any white spots.
    4. Let the paper stand for about 10 minutes.
    5. W...MOREipe the excess oil off with paper towels. The sheet should now resemble plastic.
    6. Let the oiled paper dry for a at least a couple of hours. It is even better if you let it dry overnight.
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    Glue the Lantern Panels Together

    sides of owl Halloween Lantern
    Four Sides of Owl Lantern. Rita Shehan
    • Lay the lantern panels side by side as in the photo above.
    • Using fast drying tacky glue, attach the lantern panel edges  together as in the photo above.
    • Allow  the panel edges to dry for about 15 minutes.


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    Glue the Upright Panels Together

    owl Halloween Lantern
    Rita Shehan
    • Arrange the panels into a square as in the photo above, and glue together the two remaining edges.
    • Make sure the top and bottom edges are folded towards the front sides of the lantern.
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    Cut Out the Top and Bottom

    top and bottom of lantern
    Top and Bottom Pieces of Lantern. Rita Shehan
    • Cut the top and bottom pieces of the lantern from black poster board paper. You need a heavier paper to give the lantern stability.
    • You may cut the pieces out by hand with a craft knife and ruler, or use a digital die cut machine. Files for most electronic die cut machines ( ai, eps, pdf,svg, wpc and dxf) are provided in the free download.


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    Attach the Top, Bottom and Handle

    Halloween Owl Lantern
    Finished Owl Lantern. Rita Shehan
    • Glue the bottom of the lantern to the sides with tacky glue, making sure that the edges align.
    • Turn the lantern over and place the top piece under the lantern. Glue the edges together with fast drying tacky glue, making sure that these edges align also.
    • You may also staple the lantern edges together if you feel your lantern needs more support.
    • Using the hole punch, punch two holes onto the top section on each side.
    • Run and twist wire through the holes to form a handle


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    Add the Light

    Halloween Lanterns in Night
    Lanterns Glowing in the Dark. Rita Shehan

    Place a candle or electronic tea light into the center of the lantern and enjoy your beautiful Halloween Lantern.

    Note: Always use common sense when burning candles. Never leave a burning candle unattended!