10 Cute and Creepy Halloween Crochet Patterns

Spider doll hanging on the wall.
MeePoohyaphoto / Getty Images

Halloween is a great holiday to showcase your crochet skills. You can make original Halloween decorations to add some spooky adorableness to your home inside and out. You can also use crochet to make Halloween costumes or to add a personal touch to store-bought costumes. Whether you want to go really cute or really creepy, one of these Halloween crochet projects will be the right one for you.

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    Crochet Pumpkins

    Set of Crochet Pumpkins
    The Slanted Life

    One of the first things that comes to mind when we think about Halloween is the jack-o-lantern and the pumpkins created to make it. Save yourself all of the mess of carving out real pumpkins and crochet up some adorable crochet pumpkins instead. This free pattern comes in three sizes so that you can make pumpkins for desks, tables, and mantles; make a stack of them at your front door, too.

    Crochet Pumpkins from The Slanted Life

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    Halloween Bunting

    Halloween Bunting Crochet Pattern
    Lisa VanilLA / Etsy

    You'll find the classic Halloween pumpkin represented in this crochet bunting pattern along with other common Halloween symbols like a ghost and a black cat. This is fairly simple bunting to make since the motifs themselves are all matching triangles; the details in the faces are what make each motif stand out from the others. Hang the bunting from a shelf to bring Halloween into any room of your home.

    Halloween Bunting from Lisa VanilLA via Etsy

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    Frankenstein Trick-Or-Treat Bag

    Frankenstein Trick or Treat Crochet Bag Free Pattern

    This Frankenstein crochet bag is designed as something that you can take trick-or-treating but it's also a cute accessory to use as a purse throughout the Halloween season. Have fun making it and using it!

    Frankenstein Trick-or-Treat Bag from Sewrella

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    Crochet Spider Candy Dish

    Crochet Spider Candy Dish Free Pattern
    Connie's Spot

    Looking for something a little less cute and a little more on the creepy side? How about this crochet spider candy dish? It also comes with a pumpkin crochet Halloween basket that is a bit more traditional for trick-or-treating.

    Spider Candy Dish from Connie's Spot

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    Jack Skellington Amigurumi Crochet

    Jack Skellington Amigurumi Crochet Free Pattern
    Nichole's Nerdy Knots

    Put your amigurumi skills to use making this crochet doll inspired by the character from "The Nightmare Before Christmas," which is always a popular movie to watch during the Halloween season.  

    Jack Skellington from Nichole's Nerdy Knots

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    Eye Candy Hat and Sweater for Toddlers

    Eye Candy Crochet Costume Free Pattern
    Savvy Nana

    This is a unique Halloween crochet costume sized for toddlers. It consists of a sweater made using candy corn colors then decorated with creepy appliqués of eyes for a play on the pun "eye candy." This free crochet pattern includes a hat to match.

    Eye Candy Costume from Savvy Nana

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    Caterpillar Cocoon

    Caterpillar Cocoon Free Crochet Pattern
    Ramsi Leigh Crochet

    A crochet cocoon is a perfect costume for baby's first Halloween. It keeps your little one all warm and snuggly if you are outside trick-or-treating during a chilly October evening. This cocoon, inspired by the popular book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" makes a fun, colorful, cute choice that will make everyone smile and hand out those extra treats.

    Caterpillar Cocoon from Ramsi Leigh Crochet

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    Harry Potter Crochet Scarf

    crochet pattern for harry potter hogwarts house scarves
    Food Fun Family

    While some adults love to go all out with Halloween costumes, many others are content to just add a simple accessory and go about the day. If you fall into that latter category and happen to be a Harry Potter fan, then the right thing for you might be a scarf themed to the Hogwarts' House you identify with most. Here are free crochet scarf pattern instructions for each house:

    Harry Potter House Scarves from Food Fun Family

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    Witch Leg Yarnbomb

    Witch Leg Yarnbomb
    Rayna Noel

    Make your house the star on the block with this "Wizard of Oz"-inspired yarn bomb decoration. Everyone is familiar with those ruby red slippers and the Wicked Witch that they are attached to. It's an untraditional choice for Halloween decorating and that is exactly why it's going to make all of your trick-or-treaters look twice! This pattern is a free download through Ravelry.

    Witch Leg Yarnbomb from Rayna Noel

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    Halloween Gang Amigurumi Ebook

    Halloween Amigurumi Crochet Dolls
    Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen / Amazon

    The characters of Halloween come to life when you crochet each of them as tiny characters, following the Japanese art of amigurumi. These are great for young children who are just learning about Halloween. They also make cute Halloween gifts or desk decor. The four patterns in this collection (for a witch, ghost, devil, and Frankenstein) are all found in an Amazon ebook.

    Halloween Gang eBook, $2.99, Amazon