Half Cent—Liberty Cap—Head Facing Left (1793) Specifications

Specifications, Details, and General Information

This is a one-year type coin that shows Liberty personified as a female figure facing left that has a Phrygian, or liberty, cap on a pole that extends behind her head. All coins produced were to have edge lettering that stated "Two Hundred for a Dollar." The design is very similar to a commemorative medal that was issued in France celebrating American independence. Approximately 35,000 coins were minted and given the demand for them at the time; most are in well-circulated condition.

Uncirculated, or near uncirculated specimens sell for a premium price.

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Detailed Specifications

Issuing GovernmentUnited States of America
Denomination$0.005 (Half Cent)
Coinage Type Liberty Cap - Head Facing Left
Mintage Dates 1793
Production Facilities Philadelphia
Mint Mark Location  No mint marks were used in this series.
Composition 100% Copper
Weight (in grams)6.739 grams
Weight Tolerance (+/-) n.a. 
Actual Gold Weight  (AGW)0.0000 Troy Ounces  
Actual Silver Weight  (ASW)0.0000 Troy Ounces  
Actual Platinum Weight  (APW)0.0000 Troy Ounces  
Specific Gravity 8.920
Diameter 22.00 mm 
Thickness 2.00 mm 
Obverse Description Liberty facing to the left, with a liberty cap on a pole behind her head. The word LIBERTY is above, and the date 1793 is below. A circle of beads is around the outer edge.
Obverse Designer Robert Scot (post Gilbert Stuart)
Reverse Description HALF CENT at the center, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and 1/200, wreath with a bow
Reverse Designer Robert Scot (post Gilbert Stuart)
(Krause-Mishler Catalog No.) 33
Notes None

Production Years, Mints and Types

The Half Cent - Liberty Cap - Head Facing Left (1793) was minted as indicated in the following table.  The table lists the years, strike type, mint facility where made, the mint mark used on the coin and a description of any type differences in coins minted for that year.

YearMintMint MarkType
1793Philadelphia  None 

Errors and Varieties

The following are popular errors and varieties that Half Cent - Liberty Cap - Head Facing Left (1793) collectors look for. These coins usually carry a premium and are valued above a common coin.

YearMintMint MarkError/VarietyNotes/Description

Mintage Figures

The following table lists mint production numbers for the number of Half Cent - Liberty Cap - Head Facing Left (1793) produced at each mint facility. Where possible, production numbers by strike type are noted.

YearMintMint MarkMintage
1793Philadelphia 35,334

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