Haan Crafts - Haan Sewing Kits for Learning to Sew and School Students

Sewing school for kids
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Haan Crafts Corporation specializes in sewing kits designed for people learning how to sew or for someone who hasn't sewn for years...or for someone who may want something easy to put together so he or she can enjoy almost immediate gratification. It works with schools to meet the needs of an entire class as well as offers school discounts and other teacher-only benefits.

Stuffed Animal Sewing Kits

Haan Crafts offers 20 different bear kits. The pattern is printed directly on the plush fur which eliminates laying out a pattern and simplifies getting started. Everything that is needed to finish the project is included so there is no need to run to the store. Other types of stuffed animal kits include Bunnies, Dogs and Pups, Down on the Farm. Funny and Furry, Rainbow Rascals, Wet and Wild, Winged Creatures, and Zoo Friends.

Clothing Sewing Kits

Haan Crafts offers clothing patterns. Its clothing kits include a paper printed pattern making it reusable to create more garments. Solid Sweat Jams are made with just one pattern piece and are available in nine color choices making it great for anyone who wants to learn to sew. Other clothing options include; Boxers and Jams, hats, jackets and pullovers, pants, shirts, and various apparel.

Pillow Sewing Kits

Haan Crafts offers pillow and blanket kits that include a pre-printed desktop computer pillow. Another section of pillows is their adorable cartoon pillow kits. The vast selection of cartoon pillows is bound to meet any novelty pillow need.

Bags, Cases, and Locker Caddy Sewing Kits

The Haan Crafts Bag and Case Section offers sections of Stuff Bags, Locker Caddies, Backpacks, Gym Bags, and Various Bags and cases section. Its Various Bags and Cases section includes 14 bags and cases to sew things such as gun cases, book bags, MP3 cases, and more. The gym bag section offers 25 options. There are 11 options in the locker caddies section with variables in most of the sections so no two have to be identical in a normal size class.

Cross-Stitch and Quilting Kits

Counted cross-stitch and printed cross-stitch kits are available in the cross-stitch kit section. Each cross-stitch kit includes fabric, floss, needle, 3-inch hoop, and instructions. The small designs were created especially for kids!

The quilted sewing kit section offers a quilted potholder kit, a quilted pillow kit, and two quilted blanket options.

Sports Plush Sewing Kits

Even a macho guy, who thinks sewing is only for girls, is going to enjoy the Plush Sports section. Footballs and basketballs are available in various sizes, school colors, licensed teams, and more. The various sports sections offer softball, bowling, golf, hockey, soccer, and baseball options.

Sewing Supplies and Fun Stuff

Don't miss this section if you need instructions in Spanish. They also offer a teacher resource section, sewing supplies, fabric, sewing notions (fun zipper pulls, locker caddy mirror, and more), books and videos, and Equipment.

Discount Page

If you are on a budget be sure to visit the discount page. I'm sure the selections change as items are sold out and the prices tell me that things would sell out rapidly. While I am viewing their discount page, I am seeing options that would be great for students to sew and meet charity needs.

Why Look to Sewing Kits?

Gathering everything you need to begin sewing can be challenging and can require many trips to the store as you discover something else you need. Sewing kits provide everything you need to be creative and discover how much you enjoy sewing before you make any large investments.