Your Ultimate Guide to Hanging Wall Art and Photos Like a Pro

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    Turn Your Walls into a Personal Statement

    ikea ribba

    If you find the "rules" for hanging wall art and photos confusing, relax. Pictures hung in spots where you can't see them is pretty much the only no-no.

    Do you need help creating your own unique picture display? The following inspiring examples will motivate you to play with different gallery wall layouts until you find what looks best in your space.

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    You Can't Go Wrong With a Display Shelf or Picture Ledge

    display shelf for art

    Whether you love mixing up your décor on a whim, or you can't commit to a traditional gallery wall, you can't go wrong with a display shelf or picture ledge. Both are perfect for showing off framed images and small objects that you can rearrange or swap out whenever the mood strikes.

    Here are a few good to knows:

    • Want your pictures and art to stand out? Paint your shelf or ledge the same color as your wall. Doing so will make what you display pop.
    • Want to add a shelf or ledge over your sofa? Avoid bonking your noggin by mounting it above seated head height.
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    How to Create a Gallery Wall Using New Picture Frames


    Here's a nifty tip if you're using brand-new picture frames. You can use the inserts that came with them, as shown here, to map out your perfect layout before hanging.

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    How to Create a Floor to Ceiling Gallery Wall

    Floor to ceiling gallery wall

    This stunning gallery wall uses a mix of mostly large and medium-sized prints to create a rectangular display. Here's what makes this particular layout work:

    • The frames closest to the ceiling create a horizontal line.
    • The ones closest to the floor also line up horizontally.
    • The frames that create the rectangular display's right and left side line up vertically.
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    Use Pictures or Wall Art to Carve Out a Nook

    Use pictures and wall art to carve out a nook

    You can use wall art to carve out a nook in a small space. The framed photos shown here transformed an underutilized corner into a cozy spot for reading and lounging.

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    How to Create an Eclectic Family Photo Wall

    There's nothing like personalizing your walls with a mix of vintage and contemporary family photos. Eclectic arrangements like the one shown here toss uniformity out of the door with mismatched picture frames and an organic layout.

    Here are a few good to knows for creating your special family photo wall.

    • To find that perfect arrangement, experiment on the floor first. It's one of the easiest ways to plan a gallery wall layout. Take pictures of your favorite groupings so you can pick the best one when you're ready to hang.
    • Another good tip, keep frames evenly spaced. It will keep your photo display from feeling crowded.
    • How high should you hang your pictures? A good rule of thumb for maximum viewing enjoyment is placing framed images centered at eye level. While eye level varies from person to person, it's usually 55" to 61" up from your floor. 
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    Birds of a Feather Gallery Wall

    Image collection gallery wall

    If you're hanging a cohesive collection of images that are identical in style and size, a symmetrical layout that uses identical frames, like the display shown here, is a beautiful way to go.

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    How to Hang Art and Pictures Around Your TV

    how to work a TV around a gallery wall

    Think you can't have a gallery wall behind your TV? Well you can, if you work your flat screen into the arrangement as the display shown here. 

    Here are a few more good to knows:

    • What's the trick to making this look work? Your TV shouldn't obstruct the view of your pictures (and vice versa.)
    • Got a stack of set boxes like the ones shown here? Don't forget to work them into the arrangement.
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    How to Hang Off Centered Art

    Decor rebels take note; you don't have to center your wall art or photos over your sofa. This inspiring off-center layout transforms an awkward corner into a beautiful focal point. 

    Here are a few good to knows:

    • Arranging your pictures frames around furniture as shown sparks visual interest.
    • Feel free to create a meandering image-scape with artwork hung at different heights.
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    How to Fake a Gallery Wall

    Ikea Växbo

    If you love the idea of a gallery wall, but don't have the patience to create one, a collage frame will help you fake it. A good example is the VAXBO by IKEA. It's a prebuilt set of frames for eight images. All you have to do is insert your pictures and hang.