Groundhog Day Word Search Puzzles for Kids

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Kids can improve their spelling as well as learn new words with these easy to challenging puzzles and activities with a Groundhog Day theme.

Groundhog Day Word Search Printables

For offline solving, we have a selection of word search worksheets to print and solve. The puzzles are listed in order of difficulty, from the easiest to the most challenging.

  • Groundhog Day Word Search - On this page, you'll find two-word search games for young solvers. The easier one features only five themed entries in a small grid of letters; the more challenging one has ten words. Both puzzles may be printed in either black and white or color.
  • Groundhog Day Deluxe Word Search - In this challenging word search, you need to find 33 words dealing with Groundhog Day, Candlemas, Imbolc and other feast days celebrated around the world on February 2nd. Solution provided.

Groundhog Day Word Search Puzzles to Play Online

  • Groundhog Day Word Search Game - This word search game features 25 words related to not only the popular U.S. tradition but also to other holidays celebrated on the 2nd of February.
  • Groundhog Day Word Search - In this easy word search puzzle, eight words are chosen at random from a list of words related specifically to Groundhog Day as it's celebrated in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

Groundhog Day Crossword Puzzles to Print or Play Online

These themed crossword puzzles use the freeform format and are listed in order of difficulty, from the easiest to the most challenging. Unless indicated otherwise, they are print only.

  • Groundhog Day Crossword - This easy crossword game features seven words associated with Groundhog Day.
  • Groundhog Day Crossword - This crossword game features twenty words associated with Groundhog Day. Though some of the words are fairly long, the word list is provided should the student get stumped. Best for kids of middle school age. Solution provided.

Groundhog Day Jigsaw Puzzles to Print

Groundhog Day Jigsaw Puzzles to Play Online

  • Groundhog Jigsaw Puzzle - This JigZone puzzle has 51 pieces, but you can change the piece cut and the number of pieces to anything between 6 to 247 pieces.

    Groundhog Day Dot-to-Dots

    These easy counting puzzles are a very good way for young children to practice number sequencing.

    Groundhog Day Word Scrambles

    To solve these easy anagram games, you must rearrange the letters to form a word or phrase related to the Groundhog Day celebration.

    • Groundhog Day Word Jumble - Unscramble the 18 themed entries in this free anagram game. Play it online or print and solve on paper. The list of words is provided on the bottom of the sheet. Solution provided.

    Miscellaneous Groundhog Day Games

    • Groundhog Day Activities - Various activities related to Groundhog Day, including a connect-the-dot game, maze puzzle, several coloring pages and more.