13 Grandparent's Day Crafts

Grandparent's Day Crafts for Any Age of Grandchild

Grandfather building a robot with his grandchildren.
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Grandparent's Day crafts make great projects for grandkids to make for their grandparents. Not only do they get to spend time honoring their grandparents but they also get to give the finished masterpiece to their grandparents as a gift.

These Grandparent's Day crafts also are a great way for a grandchild and a grandparent to spend time together. They'll have fun completing the craft project and have a wonderful memento of the fun time they had together.

All the Grandparent's Day crafts below are free projects that mostly use items that you already have around the house.

Find out more ways to celebrate Grandparent's Day on the cheap including lots of ideas for Grandparent's Day activities.

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    Hand Print Keepsake From Under the Table and Dreaming

    Handprint ornaments with a ribbon.
    Under the Table and Dreaming

    This Grandparents Day craft will get your kids a little messy which means they are going to have an extra good time doing it!

    You'll be making a dough recipe with ingredients you already have around the house to make a keepsake hand print ornament. This Grandparents Day craft is really the perfect fun project for kids that doubles as a gift.

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    Hand Print Poem by Nana's Corner

    Childs handprints
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    Type up one of these cute Grandparents Day poem and add the grandchild's hand print for a fun Grandparents Day craft project.

    This can really be customized in just about every way possible, so let the grandchild use their imagination for this touching Grandparent's Day craft project.

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    Silhouette Grandparent's Day Craft From Activity Village

    Silhouette of child on swing at sunset.
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    Help your child make a silhouette of themselves to give to their grandparents. It only takes a few items that you probably already have laying around your home.

    This is a great Grandparents Day craft that looks really great when it's done.

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    Our Goofy Grandkids Photo Book from Eighteen25

    A photo book that says "Our Goofy Grandkids"

    Here's a Grandparents Day craft project where the kids use their own photos and some cardstock to make a one of a kind gift for the grandparents.

    Included is the free printable "Our Goofy Grandkids" which can be glued onto the front of the photo album.

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    Foot Print Magnets by Busy Bee Kids Crafts

    Close up of love magnets and footprint on refrigerator
    JGI/Jamie Grill / Getty Images

    These foot print magnets can easily be made with cardstock and magnets.

    You can really turn this into the ultimate Grandparents Day craft by letting the grandkids decorate the magnets.

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    Grandparents Day Cards

    Happy multi-generation listening to mature woman reading greeting card in park
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    There are a ton of printable Grandparents Day cards here that would make a Grandparents Day craft turned gift!

    If you're short on time then the grandchild can send Grandma and Grandpa a virtual Grandparents Day card.

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    Grandparents Day Coloring Pages

    Happy little boy drawing a picture
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    A fun Grandparents Day craft project is to print out a free Grandparents Day coloring page and have the grandchild color it in and decorate it.

    Not only does this makes a quick gift that's straight from the heart, but it really encourages the child to make a Grandparents Day craft that is meaningful and makes them feel good inside.

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    Make a Grandparents Day Craft With a Grandparent's Day Poem

    Girl doing homework
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    A Grandparents Day poem can be put on a card, certificate, photo, hand print, or just about anything!

    Any Grandparents Day craft you make will only be better with one of these touching Grandparents Day poems attached.

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    Grandparents Day Crafts for Kids From DLTK

    Arts and Crafts with her Granddaughter
    SolStock / Getty Images

    There are a ton of great Grandparents Day craft projects at DLTK!

    Grandkids can make bookmarks, aprons, handprint poems, magazine holders, paper weights, tissue followers, candle holders, and more fun Grandparents Day crafts.

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    Grandparents Day Photo Crafts at Activity Village

    Mother and two children craft making at kitchen table
    Liam Norris / Getty Images

    A whole bunch of projects that are all Grandparents Day craft projects that involve photos!

    Grandparents love getting pictures of their grandkids and these are great because they double as a craft and a gift.

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    Grandparent Award by Busy Bee Kids Crafts

    Grandmother and granddaughter coloring in living room
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    This Grandparents Day craft will let grandma and grandpa know just how much they rock!

    You'll use a paper plate, paint, and ribbon to create an award for Grandma or Grandpa.

    Kids can really take this Grandparent's Day craft to the next level when decorating the award.

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    Photo Bookmarks from Nearly Crafty

    Senior woman relaxing reading book on patio
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    If your grandparents love to read, this photo bookmark idea from Nearly Crafty would be a great Grandparent's Day gift.

    All you need is a photo, scissors, hole punch, embroidery floss, and cardstock to make this quick and heartfelt gift.

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    Hand Print Flower Pot from Penny Pinchin' Mom

    Girl putting plant in pot, cropped
    Michele Constantini/PhotoAlto / Getty Images

    Penny Pinchin' Mom has a Grandparent's Day craft project that's meant to be a gift but I think it would be so much more special to do as an activity between a grandparent and grandchild. 

    All you need is a terracotta pot, some paint, and a few supplies for this fun but simple craft project. After the pots been decorated and dried, grandma or grandpa can show the little one how to plant a small plant or seeds.