30 Amazing Homemade Graduation Gifts

Do-It-Yourself Bouquet, Gift Cards, and More

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    30 Amazing Graduation Gifts That You Can Make

    A happy garduate receives a bouqeut of flowers from her loving family
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    Graduation is a huge milestone in a person's life. Celebrate the accomplishments of the graduates you know by giving them a gift you made with love. They should appreciate the homemade and personal touch amid all the envelopes of checks and store-bought cards full of money (which they will surely appreciate as well, no doubt).

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    DIY Mini Graduation Bouquet

    A beautiful bouquet of flowers wrapped in graduation-themed floral paper is a nice gesture for after the ceremony. Just print the bouquet wrapper and tie around a bouquet of fresh flowers. Your graduate might even appreciate the additional photo prop for photos with their new diploma.

    DIY Mini Graduation Bouquet Tutorial from Oleander And Palm

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    DIY The Best Has Yet to Come Card

    While graduation marks the end of a chapter in someone's life, it is also the start of new beginnings. Help remind the graduate of all the wondrous things to come with a handmade card.

    DIY The Best Has Yet to Come Card Tutorial from Almost Makes Perfect

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    DIY Party Box

    For an inexpensive gift, drop off a large wrapped box filled with helium balloons at the door of the graduate. The grad's face is sure to light up from the surprise of both discovering a large box at their door, and the delight of the balloons popping out when the box is opened. The balloons add to party decor, so be sure to drop it off before the celebration.

    DIY Party Box Tutorial from Oh Happy Day

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    DIY Giant Diploma Gift

    Take a large cardboard mailing tube, decorate it to look like a diploma and fill it with candy, money, gift cards or other small gifts. This clever DIY gift will surely delight the recipient.

    DIY Giant Diploma Gift Tutorial from Oh Happy Day

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    DIY Surprise Money and Confetti Poppers

    DIY Surprise Money And Confetti Poppers
    Studio DIY

    Every graduate appreciates the gift of money. Using cake push poppers, your graduate can receive their sum in a flourish of confetti.

    DIY Surprise Money and Confetti Poppers Tutorial from Studio DIY

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    DIY Pencil Vase

    DIY Pencil Vase
    Stephanie White

    Is your graduate headed back to school for the next stage in their education? Present them with this pencil vase to commemorate the occasion and provide them with a necessary school supply for the next few years ahead of them.

    DIY Pencil Vase from The Spruce

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    DIY Origami Money Graduation Caps

    Another fun way to present money is to fold bills into origami graduation caps. Add tassels for a colorful finish.

    DIY Origami Money Graduation Caps Tutorial from Sugar And Charm

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    DIY Thrift Store Painted Globe

    Take an ordinary globe and transform it into inspiring decor for your graduate's bedroom or dorm room This gift is especially perfect for those graduates planning to take a year or so to travel and explore.

    DIY Thrift Store Painted Globe Tutorial from Simply {Darr}ling

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    DIY Tiny Graduation Cap Gift Box

    Make a graduation cap gift box that is perfect for holding money, candy or a gift card. You can make it in just a few minutes using black paper, glue, and colorful thread.

    DIY Tiny Graduation Cap Gift Box Tutorial from Oh Happy Day

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    DIY Smart Cookie Gift

    DIY Smart Cookie Gift
    Studio DIY

    This sweet DIY favor idea is perfect for when you need to give out several graduation gifts. Have your graduate hand them out to all their friends or use them as party favors for all the graduates at the party.

    DIY Smart Cookie Gift Tutorial from Studio DIY

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    DIY Graduation Keepsake Box

    Adorn an ordinary picture frame box with paint, graduation caps, and a photo of the graduate. This is the perfect place for your graduate to store all their cherished small mementos and photographs from their time at school. Years later, when they want to look through old memories, they will be happy everything is organized and all in one place.

    DIY Graduation Keepsake Box Tutorial from Tried and True

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    DIY Graduation Dollar Diplomas Gift Jar

    Roll up some bills and tie each together to make little diplomas. Stick the money diplomas in a mason jar and top the jar with its own graduation cap for a truly Instagrammable gift.

    DIY Graduation Dollar Diplomas Gift Jar Tutorial from No Biggie

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    DIY Graduation Gift Card Holder

    If you have a silhouette machine, you can add a personal touch to an ordinary gift card with this easy gift card holder. You can make this in minutes, as you simply need to download the template and cut out the design using the silhouette maker.

    DIY Graduation Gift Card Holder Tutorial from Pitter and Glink

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    DIY Graduation Gram

    DIY Graduation Gram
    Studio DIY

    Do you live out of town or cannot make the graduation party? Mail this cleverly packaged gift to the graduate or graduates you are celebrating.

    DIY Graduation Gram Tutorial from Studio DIY

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    DIY Typography Pencil Holder

    This playful DIY typography pencil holder is a perfect reminder for graduates to celebrate their successes and keep striving for the best for their future. 

    DIY Typography Pencil Holder Tutorial from A Kailo Chic Life

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    DIY You Did It Card

    The simple sentiment, "You Did It," captures just the right amount of celebration and pride the graduate surely feels. This free, simple printable is ready in minutes, just hit "print," fold, and you have a beautiful card.

    DIY Your Did It Card Tutorial from Kraft Mint

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    DIY Money Necklace

    A clever way to gift your graduate with money is to fold bills into flowers, which in turn can be transformed into a necklace.

    DIY Money Necklace Tutorial from The House That Lars Built

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    DIY Sail Away Travel Pouch

    After graduation, if your special graduate is going off on vacation or plans to travel the world, make them this cute little pouch to store their travel essentials.

    DIY Sail Away Travel Pouch Tutorial from Lovely Indeed

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    DIY Graduation Money Holder Card

    After graduating, chances are the graduate you know could use a bit of extra money to help them pay off student loans, move out on their own, or take a well-deserved vacation. If you plan to present them with cash, print out this money holder for a little extra inspiration on their next journey.

    DIY Graduation Money Holder Card Tutorial from Sister's Suitcase

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    DIY Congrats Box

    DIY Congrats Box
    Studio DIY

    Nothing says "Let's Celebrate!" more than a banner and confetti. Place your money or gift in this delightful DIY box.

    DIY Congrats Box Tutorial from Studio DIY

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    DIY Modern Congratulations Cards

    Do you need to send a lot of cards to congratulate your friends and family graduating this year, and you do not want them all to be the same? If so, these printable DIY cards are perfect. Download the template, print the design, and write your personalized message inside for each of the graduates in your life.

    DIY Modern Congratulations Cards Tutorial from Design Eat Repeat

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    DIY Confetti Surprise Jar

    DIY Confetti Surprise Jar
    Studio DIY

    Instead of wrapping a present in a gift bag, hide the gift in a jar filled with confetti. This original gift wrapping idea is not only pretty, but the confetti can be thrown up in the air in the celebration too. 

    DIY Confetti Surprise Jar Tutorial from Studio DIY

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    DIY Leather Tassel Keychain

    Give the graduating student a gift they will use, such as this stylish DIY leather tassel keychain, perfect for their new dorm room or apartment keys, or as a decorative accent to a book or tote bag. Reminiscent of the tassel on a graduation cap, this handmade gift is the perfect memento to celebrate success.

    DIY Leather Tassel Keychain Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Yay Vase

    Instead of the standard bouquet that graduates often get after their graduation ceremony, make the graduate a celebratory vase and fill it with colorful blossoms. The great thing about this gift is even after the flowers die, the graduate can continue to use the fabulous vase you made them.

    DIY Yay Vase Tutorial from A Kailo Chic Life

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    DIY Printable Graduation Card

    DIY Printable Graduation Card
    Studio DIY

    Download and print one of these three quirky and fun graduation card designs for free.

    DIY Printable Graduation Card Tutorial from Studio DIY

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    DIY Graduation Teddy

    Crochet a Japanese-inspired amigurumi graduation teddy bear to commemorate the milestone. You can easily customize this adorable bear with the graduate's school colors. 

    DIY Graduation Teddy Tutorial from All About Ami

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    DIY Adventure Awaits Mug

    For an inexpensive gift that looks store-bought, you can make this beautiful mug. It's much easier to make than you'd think, and the college-bound graduate will soon appreciate having a coffee mug on hand.

    DIY Adventure Awaits Mug Tutorial from Dawn Nicole

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    DIY Hooray Gift Card Holder

    This cheerful gift card holder is super fun and easy to make. You can create the expanding card out of a folded sheet of paper.

    DIY Hooray Gift Card Holder Tutorial from Kaley Ann

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    DIY Your Future Looks Bright Card

    Another easy, printable DIY card for the graduate in your life. Let them know they have your support and you believe they have a bright future ahead.

    DIY Your Future Looks Bright Card Tutorial from No Biggie

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    DIY Graduation Cap Card

    It is easy to achieve the look of a store-bought card with this great DIY project. It does require the use of a silhouette machine, that, some paper, and glue, and you are done.

    DIY Graduation Cap Card Tutorial from Penolopy Bulnick