DIY Gold Foiled Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

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    Add Elegance to Your Tablescape

    Rita Shehan

    These napkin holders will add a special touch to your Thanksgiving holiday table. Each leaf has a sentiment that is and has gold foiling on the edges. They are easier to make than they look and your family and guests will love them! Your Thanksgiving meal will have elegance with this beautiful DIY paper project added to your table setting.

    Supplies Needed:

    • 1/4 yard of fabric
    • 1" Cpvc Coupling, card board tube or PVC pipe cut to napkin ring size
    • Quick drying tacky glue
    • Paint brush
    • Maple leaf pdf file (download here)
    • One sheet 8.5" x 11" sheet of beige card stock
    • Laser printer
    • Gold metallic laminating foil
    • Laminating Machine
    • Round Velcro tabs
    • Scissors


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    Cut the Pipe

    Rita Shehan

    Choose the type of tubing you want to use. I used 1" Cpvc coupling which I found in the plumbing department in my local hardware store. I like the fact that the coupling was rock solid, and no cutting was necessary, but there was a downside to it: This tube works well with paper napkins or smaller sized cloth napkins. If you are using larger sized cloth napkins, I suggest you either use a paper tube that has a bigger circumference or cut a larger pvc pipe (which can also be found in the plumbing department of your local hardware store) down to size. This youtube video is helpful if you have no idea how to cut pvc tubing. The video focuses on plumbing techniques but is quite helpful when learning how to cut pvc pipe. No matter what choice you make, the project will still be quite lovely when finished.

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    Cover the Pipe in Fabric

    Rita Shehan
    • Cut a piece of fabric that is: double the height of the tube and 1/4 inch longer than the circumference of the tube.
    • Brush a thin layer of quick dry tacky glue onto the outside of the tube.
    • Roll the material around the tube and press firmly with fingers to secure the material to the tube.
    • Apply a thin line of glue along the long edge of material and tuck over the other material edge 1/4 inch.




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    Glue the Fabric

    Rita Shehan
    • Cut the ends of the tube into 1/2 inch strips, using the photo above as a guide.
    • Apply tacky glue liberally with a brush to the inside of the pipe. Push the material down into the tube on both sides and flatten.
    • Apply more glue to the inside of the tube to secure the material to the sides of the tube and allow several hours drying time.


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    Add the Leaf Embellishment

    Rita Shehan
    • Your thanksgiving napkin holder should now look like the ones in the photo above.
    • The napkin holder is now ready for use, but we are also going to add a gold foil leaf to embellish it and make it extra special for Thanksgiving.
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    Print the Leaf Template

    Rita Shehan

    Print out the leaf pdf on a laser printer. The gold foil will only adhere to toner, so it is imperative to use a laser printer.



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    Prepare Your Laminator

    Rita Shehan
    • Cut a sheet of toner reactive gold foil big enough to cover all of the printed leafs.
    • Turn on the laminating machine and preheat it.
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    Rita Shehan

    Place another sheet of paper over the gold foil and run all three sheets (printed card stock, gold foil and cover sheet) through the laminator.


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    Cut Out the Leaves

    Rita Shehan
    • Remove the cover sheet.
    • Pull the gold foil sheet upwards very carefully.
    • Cut each leaf out by hand with scissors.


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    Add the Leaves to the Napkin Holders

    Rita Shehan
    • Attach an adhesive Velcro dot to the back of a leaf and then onto the napkin holder.
    • You napkin holder is now finished!