Glow in the Dark Yarn

Glow in the dark yarn

Sarah E. White

Glow in the dark yarn is a fun product that several yarn companies have made available at some point.

It's popular at Halloween, of course, but there are other times when you might want a reflective or glow in the dark yarn to use in projects, such as headbands or ear warmers worn by runners, or children's clothing that might be worn in the darker winter months.

Where to Buy Glow in the Dark Yarn

If you would like to buy a glow in the dark yarn for use in knitting projects, here are a few leads on where to find it.

Red Heart has a bulky yarn called Reflective, which does not exactly glow in the dark but it does reflect light in the dark, which is fun for photos and a good safety feature.

You can also try making your own glow in the dark yarn thanks to these instructions from HodgePodge Crochet. This is actually super brilliant and cheap.

Etsy seller Weird & Twisted makes art yarns that sometimes include glow in the dark materials. You can request a special blend from them for a unique project.

About Bernat Glow in the Dark

Bernat introduced its yarn Glow in the Dark in 2008, but it's since been discontinued. It worked by putting the yarn under light for five minutes, after which time it would glow for five minutes or so, though the website claimed 20 minutes.

If you happen to find this yarn available somewhere, here are the details:

  • Content: 70 percent acrylic, 30 percent polyester
  • Yarn Weight: Medium
  • Gauge: Ball band says 18 stitches and 24 rows per 4 inches on size 8 needles
  • Yardage: 72 yards per 40-gram skein
  • Color Availability: Six pastel colors spun with a white glow in the dark thread
  • Color Used in Swatch: Glow Worm White

Berroco Glow in the Dark Yarn

Berroco Glow in the Dark is easy to knit with, though somewhat splitty. It has a very acrylic feel, sort of stiff and slippery. A whole garment knit from this would be rather uncomfortable, but it would be great to use as a bit of fun accent in all sorts of projects.

The drape is similar to other acrylic yarns, and it's machine washable so you can combine it with any other easy-care yarn with good effect.

It curls a decent amount in Stockinette Stitch, and it really does glow in the dark (and even semi-dark). It would probably look cool under a blacklight, too.

This yarn (or any other glow in the dark yarn) would be fun as an accent to Halloween costumes, however, especially if you're going to an indoor party where the lights can be turned out, or even visiting a haunted house.

It could also be used to add a bit of fun to non-spooky accessories such as gloves, hats, headbands, and scarves. Just a bit of the yarn can bring a fun glow to coming home after dark.