Sew an Affordable and Memorable Present for Mother's Day

Mother and Children Sewing at Sewing Machine

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Mother's Day is the perfect reason to let mom know just how special she is. Mom's treasure things their kids make. Sew mom something just for her for the holiday, and she is bound to appreciate the gift and treasure it forever. The other advantage of sewing your Mom a Mother's day gift is you can keep the gift affordable. There are various ways to save money by sewing.

If you ran out of time and your mom loves to sew, take a look at gift suggestions for Mom's who sew.

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    Free Bag, Purse, Totes, Clutches, and Pocketbook Patterns

    Moms carry bags. It starts with a diaper bag and the bags grow from there. Once the child leaves the nest, the bags may be a small pocketbook, or it may be a large tote bag to visit the child, but there are always needs for a bag! 

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    Free Apron Patterns

    Does your mom cook a special dish? Can you find a fabric that has one of the ingredients, such as hot peppers? Choose a fabric that makes you think of your mom. She's bound to love it because you made it especially for her.

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    Free Patterns to Sew Pillows

    Sew some comfort for your mother this Mother's Day. Embroider a special message on the pillow or create a pillow front that mom could never buy in the store, that will compliment her home decorating. There are many ways to make a special pillow. Combine the different methods or keep it simple. Any way you make the pillow, it's bound to be a winner in Mom's eyes!

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    Kitchen Stuff to Sew for Mom

    Mom and the kitchen go hand in hand in most cases. Sew new things for mom's kitchen. She'll be thinking of you and appreciating the gifts all the time. You may even want to sew mom an entire kitchen gift basket filled with goodies she'll appreciate all year long.

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    Sew an Eyeglass Case

    Here's an economical project to make from your scraps and a great personalized gift. Choose a fabric that fits the person or use machine embroidery techniques to make any fabric just perfect!

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    Potholders, Mitts, and Hot Pads

    Use up your scraps making potholders, oven mitts or hot pads as gifts for the people on your list or to add to food baskets being given away in your area.

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    Fabric Checkbook Cover

    Use this free pattern to sew a fabric checkbook cover. Use a fabric that will make mom smile every time she has to pay a bill.

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    Book Cover With a Zipper and Handle

    Mom's bound to love this cover for any book she uses frequently.  She'll be the envy of a Bible study group if she has this cover for her Bible.