Top 10 Gifts for Knitters

Circular Knitting Needles
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No matter what the occasion, most knitters appreciate getting knitting tools and supplies as a gift. Whether you're looking for a special something for a fellow crafter or want to provide a few hints for your loved ones, here are some great ideas for knitting related gifts.

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    Of course, the most basic and wonderful gift you can get a knitter is yarn. Whether you go for one perfect skein of a luscious wool or cashmere, a fun novelty yarn or enough balls to make a big project, more yarn for the stash is always appreciated. You might even get your gift back in the form of a knit scarf or another fun knit item. Check out these yarn reviews for some great options, or browse the yarn shop on your own.

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    Build Your Own Kit

    If you're a knitter shopping for another knitter, a fun idea is to make a knitting kit. This is basically a knitting project in a bag. Find a book with a pattern you like (or choose a pattern you find online) and buy all the materials required to make a project -- the yarn, needles, notions, etc. Throw in a copy of the book or print out the pattern, put it all in a pretty bag or basket, and you're done!

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    Knitting Bag

    There are so many different options for knitting bags, and it seems like every knitter can always use another bag when the old ones get filled with unfinished projects. A knitting backpack or purse is great for on-the-go people who want to knit wherever they go but still need to have room for all their necessities in the same bag. Little project bags like the Boye Yarn on the Go Bag are great, too.

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    Interchangeable Needles

    If you want a really special gift for your favorite knitter, consider interchangeable needles. Whether you go for the Boye Needlemaster, Denise, Knit Picks Options, or one of the many other options out there, you're sure to make a knitter happy.

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    Yarn Swift

    A yarn swift is a handy tool that makes winding a ball from a skein of yarn much easier. The swift is your hands while you wind the yarn into a ball with the help of a ball winder (see below)

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    Ball Winder

    The perfect gift to go along with a yarn swift is a ball winder, which makes quick work of getting the yarn off the swift and into a ball. If you have other crafty friends who want to go in on a gift together, getting someone a swift and winder is a very thoughtful gift.

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    Knitting Needle Case

    A sewn roll-up knitting needle case is a great gift for any knitter because everyone seems to have more needles than they know where to store. This project is easy enough even for those without a lot of sewing experience, and it holds up to 24 pairs of knitting needles.

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    101 Stitches to Knit

    Most every knitter can use a stitch dictionary and this set of cards is a great choice because you can pick a stitch pattern to work from and then just carry that one card around instead of a whole book to work from. It's great for people who like to knit on the go. 

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    Lace Knitting to Go

    Another great box of stitch patterns is Chronicle's Lace Knitting to Go, which includes 25 cards with lace knitting patterns that you can use as the basis for your own lacy knitting projects. The cards include written instructions and charts, so they're great practice for knitters who aren't that comfortable with chart reading.

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    Gift Certificates

    If all else fails, no knitter will turn down a gift certificate to their favorite yarn shop. If the knitter you're shopping for lives nearby, you could also sign the two of you up to take a class together and buy her or his supplies. If you're still not sure what to buy, a gift card to a craft store is always a good option.