21 Gifts For Your Favorite Coin Collector

Father's Day, Christmas, Hanukah, Birthday; These Gifts Will Please Every Time

The Official Blue Book Handbook of United States Coins; Whitman Publishing
Whitman Publishing, LLC

Coin collectors are a very particular group to buy a gift for. This gift giving guide has many different ideas for every holiday, birthday or special occasion for any size budget.

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    The Red Book

    A Guide Book of United States Coins 2015: The Official Red Book Cover
    Whitman Publishing, LLC

    The Guide Book of United States Coins is known to most coin collectors as "The Red Book," and it is updated annually. This quintessential coin book is a favorite of every collector of United States coins. I recommend this as the first book every new coin collector should get, and an updated copy for every "seasoned" coin collector. It covers every issue of United States coins from early colonial issues through modern coins, bullion and collector sets. There are three variations of this standard catalog of United States coins:

    1.  The Essential Edition Red Book - for new or young collectors; Est. Price: $9.95

    2.  The Standard Edition Red Book - for intermediate and seasoned collectors; Est. Price: $12.95

    3.  Professional Edition Red Book - for advanced collectors (especially those with larger coin collecting budgets); Est. Price: $29.95

    4.  Deluxe Edition Red Book - for advanced collectors only; Est. Price: $49.95

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    Noteworthy Year Proof Set or Mint Set

    2014 United States Proof and Uncirculated Mint Sets
    2014 United States Proof and Uncirculated Mint Sets. The United States Mint

    What better way to remember a noteworthy year in collector's life than receiving a mint set or proof set from that year. It may be a birth year, anniversary year, promotion, first year in business, or any other year where a significant event occurred. Prices for mint sets and proof sets vary widely depending upon a given year. You can use my price and value guides to determine what set is within your budget.

    5.  United States Proof Set PricesEst. Price: $3.50 - $7,500

    6.  United States Uncirculated Mint Set PricesEst. Price: $5.00 - $1,325

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    100 Greatest Books

    100 Greatest U.S. Coins 3rd Edition, Garrett
    Whitman Publishing, LLC

    Coin collectors love to look at coins. The "100 Greatest" series of coin books published from Whitman Publishing features large, eye-catching, high-resolution detailed photos. This coffee table sized books are sure to captivate any coin collector for months to come. You can choose from the following books:

    7. 100 Greatest U.S. CoinsEst. Price: $29.95

    8. 100 Greatest U.S. Error CoinsEst. Price: $29.95

    9.  100 Greatest Modern U.S. CoinsEst. Price: $29.95

    10.  100 Greatest Ancient CoinsEst. Price: $29.95

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    American Eagle Bullion Coins

    2014 American Silver Eagle Proof Coin. The United States Mint

    The United States Mint has been producing bullion coins since 1986. They produce silvergold and platinum coins. For the obverse of each coin, the United States Treasury Department selected classic United States coin designs. Both their beauty and their bullion value make these excellent gifts and investment opportunities. Additionally, there have been two books written on how to collect these coins. Depending on your gift-giving budget, you can select either the coins or the books for your favorite coin collector.


    11.  American Eagle One Ounce Silver Proof CoinEst. Price: $52.95

    13.  American Eagle One-Quarter Ounce Gold Proof Coin; Est. Price: $397.50

    14.  American Eagle One-Half Ounce Gold Proof Coin; Est. Price: $770.00

    15.  American Eagle One Ounce Gold Uncirculated Coin; Est. Price: $1,475.00

    16.  American Eagle One Ounce Platinum Proof Coin; Est. Price: $1,600.00


    18.  American Gold and Platinum Eagles: a Guide to the U.S. Bullion Coin Programs; Est. Price: $30.00

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    Gift Certificate/Credit

    Coin Dealer in His Coin Shop
    James Bucki

    Since most coin collectors are very particular about the coins that they purchase, you can give them their next coin in the form of a gift certificate or store credit from their favorite coin dealer. Some coin dealers have gift certificates which you can purchase and wrap as a present to put under the tree. Some smaller dealers will give you a store credit so your coin collector can come in to purchase their next coin.

    19. Gift Certificate from a local or online coin dealer; Est. Price: Any Thing You Want!

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    Coin Collecting Supplies

    Digital Caliper
    James Bucki

    Every coin collector knows you cannot have enough coin holders, folders, gizmos and gadgets. So if you are on a limited budget or you just don't know what to get them, purchase some coin collecting supplies that will last throughout the whole year.

    20.  Essential Coin Collecting Supplies For Every CollectorEst. Price: $3.00 - $50.00

    21.  Intermediate and Advanced Coin Collecting SuppliesEst. Price: $20.00 - $200.00