Gem Brilliant Uncirculated (Gem BU)

A numismatic definition of Gem Brilliant Uncirculated (Gem BU)

1943 American walking liberty half dollar coin
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Gem Brilliant Uncirculated (Gem BU) is an adjectival coin grade that dealers and collectors may use to describe the condition or grade of a coin. This is different from the Sheldon Scale of Coin Grading that includes a relative numeric value to help further describe the grade of the coin. A coin's grade is one of the many factors that go into determining the value of a coin. The American Numismatic Association (ANA) has published an official Grading Standards for Coins guidebook that can help you learn how to grade United States coins using official ANA coin grading definitions.

Usage Example

Gem Brilliant Uncirculated (Gem BU) is the coin grade assigned to a coin where the strike is sharp and the devices have no evidence of wear. The mint luster must be stunning. The coin's eye appeal must be above average and there are no bag marks and/or abrasions that are visible without magnification.

Alternate Spellings and Terminology

Abbreviated: Gem BU (not abbreviated using lower case such as "gem bu"). Also known as MS-66, MS-67, MS-68 or above.


gem brilliant uncirculated (when used as a descriptor to designate the grade of a United States coin, this term is always capitalized).