10 Geeky Cross Stitch Patterns

super mario bros cross stitch pattern
Magic Stitching / Etsy

 Release your inner geekiness with these fun pop culture inspired cross stitch patterns.

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    Game of Thrones

    game of thrones cross stitch pattern
    Natali Needlework / Etsy

    Game of Thrones is a television adaptation from the series of books by George R. R. Martin. It has an immense following. Fans all around the world tune in every week to see which house is going to rule the kingdom. 

    If you have a hardcore Game of Thrones fan in your house, they will appreciate these Family Crest House cross stitch patterns by Natali Needlework. You can stitch each pattern up individually or as a complete set. They would look amazing framed in a family room or take them with you on a tote bag or backpack. 

    Game of Thrones 9 Piece Set, $20.00, Natali Needlework

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    Big Bang

    big bang theory soft kitty song cross stitch pattern

    Celebrate your inner geek with Sheldon and the gang from The Big Bang. These quirky characters have been entertaining the masses for years and have cemented their legacy in pop culture. Raise your hand and be counted as a fan of these fabulous geeks. Maikesprikbord shares this homage to The Big Bang for free on their website. Stitch along as Sheldon sings his infamous Soft Kitty Song. 

    Soft Kitty from Maikesprikbord

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    super mario bros cross stitch pattern
    Magic Stitching / Etsy

    You grew up with him. The two of you have a special bond. No matter what happens, you just can't say goodbye. Now you have kids of your own and they are enjoying their time with him. Mario has been entertaining both kids and adults for generations. He has taught many of us to drive, to reach for the stars and save those around that we love. Celebrate the hero plumber with this detailed Tiffany inspired cross stitch pattern by Magic Stitching. The finished project will add pizzazz to your family gaming room. 

    Tiffany Inspired Mario, $4.45, Magic Stitching

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    Star Wars

    star wars darth vader cross stitch pattern

    40 years ago, a little movie debuted and the world was never the same. Star Wars isn't just a movie franchise for some; it is a way of life for its fans. The folks at Instructables created this fun tongue and cheek Star Wars themed cross stitch pattern featuring everyone's favorite villain, Darth Vader. This pattern can be downloaded for free on their website and makes the perfect addition to any Star Wars fan's collection. You can personalize it by including a name or changing up the color. 

    Darth Vader from Instructables

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    dune movie cross stitch pattern
    Pyro Dog Pins / Etsy

    The movie Dune is a cult classic. It has a legion of fans that can quote every line from the movie. While it is not as mainstream in pop culture as others, it is still worthy of geeky love. Pyro Dog Pins cross stitch pattern celebrates the real star of the movie, the Sand Worm, with this colorful and bright Dune Sampler. 

    Dune Sampler, $5.47, Pyro Dog Pins

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    Vault Boy

    vault boy fallout cross stitch pattern
    Happy Stitch

    Who is this happy boy? Vault Boy is the mascot of the company Vault-Tec from the Fallout game series. You can see his image on just about everything from advertising to training films throughout the game. Fallout has a cult-like following. Its fans cosplay many of the characters and there have even been weddings around the game's theme. Happy Stitch offers their take of Vault Boy with this free cross stitch pattern. 

    Vault Boy from Happy Stitch

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    Star Trek

    Star Trek hand sign cross stitch pattern
    Nikki Pattern / Etsy

    Who is your favorite captain? Is it Kirk? Picard? Janeway? What about Spock or Wesley? No matter who your favorite character is; there is one crew member of the SS Enterprise that has delighted fans for decades. No one can invoke as much passion as Spock. He is admired for his level-headed behavior and quick quips. One of his most popular quotes, "Live Long and Prosper" has been immortalized in this cross stitch pattern by Nikki Pattern. You don't have to be a fan of the show to enjoy this positive affirmation. 

    Live Long and Prosper, $4.50, Nikki Pattern

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    pokemon cross stitch pattern
    Lord Libdan

    Do you have a Pokemon fan around your house? Have you been coerced to roam the land in Pokemon Go trying to catch them all? You can round up every character with this free pattern from Lord Libdan. This pattern is very detailed but is still easy enough for beginning cross stitchers. The best part about this project? You won't have to walk around your neighborhood tripping over the sidewalk trying to catch the latest monster.

    Pokemon Characters from Lord Libdan

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    Harry Potter

    harry potter cross stitch pattern
    Avrora Cross Stitch / Etsy

    Are you a part of the Harry Potter world? Although it has been awhile since the release of the books and movies, geeks everywhere still deeply love the series. There are fan pages, meetups and craft swaps swirling around this wonderful group of wizards. This cross stitch pattern features the main characters in a sweet sampler. You can stitch each one up individually or together for a larger piece. The separate pieces would make great decorative pins or ornaments for a tree. 

    Harry Potter, $5.00, Avrora Cross Stitch

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    lego cross stitch pattern
    Brigitte da Daux

    No other toy invites imagination like Lego. This Danish toy line has taken off and exploded over the past couple of years. There are conventions, tournaments, and movies celebrating the small little bricks. Many of today's pop culture icons have been made into Lego figures and playsets. Brigitte da Daux takes a page from the Lego book by sparking creative juices with their free Lego Person cross stitch pattern. You can customize this pattern to whatever character or person that strikes your fancy, 

    Lego Person from Brigitte da Daux