5 Gardening Projects for Kids

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    Gardening Projects for Your Kids

    Gardening with kids
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    Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for gardening. Get your hands dirty with your kids and try one of these five gardening projects. These cute crafts will get your kids to put down the remote control and get outside. Gardening takes hard work, patience and lots of love—all great characteristics to encourage in your children.

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    Popsicle Stick Plant Markers

    Use good ol' popsicle sticks to label all of the different herbs and plants in your garden. Paint the popsicle sticks with different colors and label them with a permanent marker. These can be personalized for however you or your kids want them to look.

    Popsicle Stick Plant Markers from Make and Takes

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    DIY Chia Pet

    How fun are these DIY chia pets? Plants make great practice for raising a pet. Your kids can "take care" of their plant pet with water and sunlight and watch it grow.

    DIY Chia Pet from Frugal Family Home

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    Jack & the Beanstalk

    Turn a classic children's story into a gardening project. Your kids will love watching the beanstalk grow taller and taller over the weeks.

    Jack & the Beanstalk from Be a Fun Mum

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    DIY Seed Bombs

    Did you know you can make your own seed bombs? This is a great project for little helpers! Keep these seed bombs to plant yourself or wrap them up pretty to give as gifts.

    How to Make Seed Bombs from Practically Functional

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    Mini Flower Garden Pots

    Mini Flower Garden Pots
    Marie LeBaron

    These adorable flower pots are perfect for little hands. You kids can decorate these mini planters however they'd like and then together you can raise little plants and watch them grow. You can even use these to start a fairy garden.

    Mini Flower Garden Pots from The Spruce