10 Garden Inspired Needlepoint Patterns for Spring

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    Stitch a Needlepoint Garden with These Amazing Patterns

    Here are ten delightful needlepoint patterns, inspired by spring gardens that will keep you stitching all season long. The collection includes a purse, pin, a few abstract garden designs, as well as a couple of combined craft ideas for beginners and experienced needlepointers.

    You'll have lots of opportunities to experiment with new needlepoint stitches and surface embellishments.

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    Fancy Garden Pumpkin Needlepoint Pattern

    You will enjoy adding this abstract pumpkin needlepoint pattern by the famous artist, Patty Paints, to your garden collection. The Kreinik pattern is available as a free download.

    You can also purchase the full-size painted canvas from your local needlepoint shop along with the original Stitch Guide by ​Beth Robertson and Suzanne Howren.

    Patty Paints Needlepoint Pumpkin from Kreinik.com

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    Spring Keys Mini Rug Needlepoint Pattern

    This easy mini rug needlepoint pattern will remind you of a well-planned spring garden with colorful abstract flowers placed neatly in rows.

    Created by Iryna Varabei, the five-inch square design on #24-mesh Congress Cloth costs $5.00 USD and is perfect for basic tent needlepoint stitches.

    Spring Keys Mini Rug Needlepoint Pattern from Craftsy

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    Abstract Bargello Swirl Spring Needlepoint Project

    stitched bargello swirl needlepoint project
    Althea R. DeBrule

    Watch as these Bargello needlepoint swirls parade across the canvas in gorgeous spring colors. Stitch the free pattern in your favorite colored fibers with a variety of decorative needlepoint techniques.

    Change the thread colors to match the plants and flowers in your garden, and sew the finished piece into a small garden seat cushion.

    Easy Swirl Needlepoint Project

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    Watering Can Pin Free Needlepoint Pattern

    water can plastic canvas needlepoint pin
    Mary Cosgrove | Kreinik

    Designed by plastic canvas needlepoint guru, Mary Cosgrove, this simple pin is ideal for the gardeners you know. Stitch a cute watering can with colorful posies in two hours or less with a piece of #10 plastic canvas.

    Watering Can Pin for Kreinik.com

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    Stitch & Zip Pretty Posies iPad Case Needlepoint Kit

    needlepoint pattern for iPad case
    Alice Peterson | 123Stitch.com

    Stitch a cover for your iPad or tablet with this fun needlepoint kit by Alice Peterson. Ideal for on-the-go stitching, the stamped canvas design is pre-assembled for easy finishing and costs $44.00 USD.

    The kit includes everything you need to make the needlepoint project. Beginners can complete the project in one week with continental stitches. Experienced stitchers can use decorative stitches to accent and finish the project in three or four evenings.

    Pretty Posies iPad Case Needlepoint Kit from 123Stitch

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    Shells and Ribbon Flower Vase Quickpoint Pattern

    plastic canvas flower vase with shells and ribbon
    Roseanna Beck | Fave Crafts

    If you are looking for a quick and easy handmade gift for a gardener, then this free quickpoint project is the one to make! Use #7 plastic canvas and knitting yarn to stitch the basic needlepoint pattern.

    Shells and Ribbon Flower Vase for Favecrafts

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    Free Garden Bird Needlepoint Patterns

    Cardinal Bird Needlepoint Design
    Cardinal Bird Needlepoint Design. Althea DeBrule

    Add these colorful birds to your needlepoint garden this spring. Stitch the cardinal and exotic bird patterns with extra needlepoint supplies from other projects.

    Finish each piece of needlework into a clip-on that can be attached to the tree branches in your garden.

    Free Cardinal & Exotic Bird Needlepoint Patterns

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    Plastic Canvas Floral Clutch Purse Needlepoint Pattern

    Spice up a spring fashion outfit with this free garden-inspired clutch purse needlepoint pattern. It is a good way to use your favorite colors as well as different textured fibers.

    Knitting yarn is perfect for stitching this plastic canvas project that combines needlepoint and crochet techniques.

    Plastic Canvas Floral Clutch Purse from Persia Lou Handmade Modern

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    Wooden Needlepoint Pumpkin

    Here's a great year-round home decor item for spring as well as fall garden seasons. You can make and finish the project as quickly as you stitch the needlepoint panels.

    Download the free instructions and purchase the wooden pumpkin separately from your local craft store.

    Wooden Needlepoint Pumpkin from Kreinik​

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    Bluebirds in the Backyard Needlepoint Pattern

    Work this beautiful needlepoint project on #18-mesh mono needlepoint canvas. You can order a chart only or additional supplies including thread, stretcher bars, Japanese brass tacks, a piece of blank canvas and other items.

    The needlepoint chart costs $14.00 USD, and if you order everything for the project, you will spend as much as $70.00 USD.

    Bluebirds in the Backyard | From Nancy's Needle