17 DIY Sharpie Projects Everyone Will Love

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You don’t need the tools of a pro to be DIY-savvy. In fact, your junk drawer might be holding everything you need to get started today! Among washi tape and paper bags, the humble Sharpie might be one of our favorite underrated crafting tools. Check out some of our favorite ways to craft with Sharpies.

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    Flower Pots With Flair

    DIY Candy

    Flower pots can look painfully boring. This project will help you spruce them up with fun letters or designs that will give any garden a pop of flare.

    Sharpie DIY Dot Flower Pot Craft from DIY Candy

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    Doodle on Easter Eggs

    Steven and Chris

    Dying Easter eggs is a fun tradition, but the dye kit from the corner store can leave these holiday eggs looking bland. This craft gives Easter eggs an artistic twist for an updated holiday.

    Eggcellent DIY Easter Eggs from Steven and Chris

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    Colorful Glassware

    Brit + Co

    Is there a better feeling than sipping your favorite drink from cute glassware? We don’t think so. You can liven up your glassware by creating these adorable DIY wine glasses.

    These are the perfect accent for your next dinner party, too. Pair them with a tasty beverage, a fun playlist, and snacks galore and you have a recipe for a lively bash. No one has to know their charming glassware only took you five minutes.

    Colorful Glassware from Brit + Co

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    Adorable DIY Pantry Organization

    A Beautiful Mess

    Even the hippest of interior designers will be green with envy when they see your pantry after this simple craft. All you need is some airtight glass jars, Sharpie paint pens, and maybe a trip to the bulk bins.

    The minimalism movement is really helping us budget-friendly crafters.

    Paint Pen Kitchen Organization from A Beautiful Mess

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    Paint Your Wallet

    Love Maegan

    Cute leather wallets aren’t always budget-friendly, but this DIY project is here to help. This tutorial will show you how to update a simple wallet or clutch with extra personality.

    DIY Painted Leather Wallet from Love Maegan

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    Design a Sharpie Mug

    ferrero rocher
    Classy Clutter

    Trust us, you can never have enough mugs. They’re essential home goods, perfect gifts, and they let you show off your personality. If you have a too-plain mug laying around, you can transform it into a fun and lively piece or gift it with this quick gold scalloped sharpie mug project.

    DIY Gold Scalloped Sharpie Mug from Classy Clutter

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    DIY Marbled Nails

    Chalkboard Nails

    Up your nail art game with DIY marbled nails or other intricate designs with–you guessed it–Sharpies! Choose a classy look or go full-on gaudy–it’s all up to you. Don’t forget to show your beauties off afterwards, too. Who knows, maybe a salon will commission you.

    The Easiest Nail Art Ever: Sharpie Marbled Gel Nails from Chalkboard Nails

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    Tie Dye Shoes

    Craftify My Love

    Adding personality to your wardrobe is simpler than it seems, especially with this project. Shopping can be frustrating when nothing seems to shout “ME!” Why not turn to DIY? Grab some paint pens and canvas shoes and let your creative juices flow, creating an awesome, wearable piece of art.

    DIY Sharpie Shoes from Craftify My Love

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    DIY Table Runner

    I Spy DIY

    Burlap is practically an essential when it comes to home decor, as it’s a simple-meets-chic material that goes with everything. It adds a serious amount of charm, especially in the form of holiday decor. You can add your own burlap accent with this custom printed table runner.

    This tutorial shows you how to make a holiday-themed runner, but this project can be customized with ease. Throwing a birthday bash? Cooking dinner for friends? Just want to spruce up your space? We’ve got you.

     DIY Table Runner from I Spy DIY

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    Rock Art Garden Labels

    Gardening Channel

    When it comes to charming plant markers, you shouldn't skimp on creativity. You can’t go wrong with these DIY ones. These markers are simple, adorable, and functional.

    DIY Garden Markers: Sharpie Rock Art from Gardening Channel

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    Sharpie Tile Coasters

    Lifestyle for Real Life

    Add some color to your coffee table with this easy DIY project. First, head to your local art supply store for Sharpies, ceramic tiles, a glossy top coat, and some peel and stick felt backing. Grab your trusty bottle of isopropyl alcohol (you know, the stuff you use to deep clean the house) and you’re set. Simply color the tiles how you like and drip the alcohol on top for a colorful new coaster.

    How to Paint With Sharpies and Alcohol from Lifestyle for Real Life

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    Crafty Sharpie Wallpaper

    Vintage Revivals

    Bring your white walls to life with this simple tribal-inspired wallpaper design. This tutorial will show you how to give your living room a fun makeover with only a few simple tools. Nothing can hold you back from your home decor dreams! Need inspiration? Look no further.

    DIY Wallpaper With a Sharpie! from Vintage Revivals

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    Customize Wrapping Paper

    Broke and Beautiful

    This project will put your drawing skills to the test. If you’re not an artist, don’t worry. You can go as simple or complex as you like. Experiment with different colors and designs to create an impressive and customized gift.

    No-Fade DIY Gift Wrap Using Sharpie Extreme from Broke and Beautiful

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    Create Chic Jewelry Dishes


    Are you constantly misplacing your rings and earrings? You’re not alone. These sleek gold-accented jewelry dishes are customized with heat transfer. Now you can keep your bling safe and easy to find.

    Tutorial: Gold Monogram Jewelry Dish from Aubemade

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    DIY Curtain Makeover

    Place of My Taste

    Curtains are often a forgotten form of home decor. The truth is, they can completely change the look of a room. Try this custom curtain DIY project to add a touch of flare to your home.

    Abstract Curtains With Sharpie Paint Markers from Place of My Taste

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    Custom Wine Tray & Glasses

    Bren Did

    Here ye, here ye, non-artists. If you can use a stencil, you’ll rock this craft. You’re sure to impress guests with these festive trays and matching glasses at your next cocktail party. Or, follow this DIYer’s advice and host your own Sharpie craft-making party using this tutorial.

    DIY Sharpie Crafts: Custom Wine Tray & Glasses from Bren Did

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    Sharpie Dyed Pillowcase

    Mom in Music City

    Update a white pillowcase with this easy DIY project. This inky blue pattern made with rubbing alcohol and a black sharpie will add a stylish element to your bedroom. You can even apply this method to make a unique T-shirt or cloth napkin.

    DIY Sharpie Pillow from Mom in Music City