9 Fun and Easy Button Crafts

Button collection

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Do you have a jar or box full of buttons that you've accumulated over the years? Well, now's the time to put them to use.

Buttons are fun to collect and come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. They're perfect for craft projects from home decor to jewelry, and they can even be incorporated into gift wrap. Buttons have many fun uses and this is just a small sampling to whet your appetite.

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    Magnets, Bookmarks, and Thumbtacks

    Give your fridge or office a splash of color and personality and use your button collection to create your own magnets, bookmarks, and thumbtacks. These are fun to make for yourself or to give as gifts.

    The process is very simple, and all you need is a strong glue, a few buttons and something to glue them to.

    • Magnets: Buy magnets at the craft store or remove them from old fridge magnets you no longer want. Glue buttons on the front.
    • Bookmarks: Glue buttons on the closed end of large plastic paper clips and use them to hold your spot in books.
    • Thumbtacks: Pretty up flat-headed pushpins by gluing buttons on the face. It also gives you more room to grip the tack, and super glue works best.

    Tip: Add a little extra pizzazz to your button craft and find another use for scrap fabric by wrapping buttons in fabric or wrapping paper before gluing them on. Use felt or quilting material underneath to give them some padding.

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    Turn the spare buttons that accompany new clothes into a set of earrings that coordinate perfectly with your outfit. Genius! Use the simple wire wrapping technique to create dangle earrings, and you have a new pair of earrings in just a few minutes.

    Tip:  Use a spare button to keep a pair of stud earrings together. Simply place each earring through one of the buttonholes and attach the back. You will never lose a single earring again!

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    Need a gift for someone who has it all? Try a button bouquet. It's colorful, unique and doesn't require watering. Button bouquets can be as simple or complex as you like. Use one piece of wire for each button and twist the wires together once you have enough for a full bouquet.

    Tip: Button bouquets are great for parties as table decor. Many brides are choosing to carry these eclectic creations at their wedding as well.

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    Greeting Cards, Scrapbooks, and Gift Tags

    Buttons add fun embellishments to gifts and paper crafts. They can be glued or sewn onto the paper and integrated into a collage along with other materials.

    • Use your button collection to create your own greeting cards for birthdays or holidays.
    • Add a three-dimensional touch to your scrapbook pages by adding a button or two as a simple decoration.
    • Keep buttons from memorable clothing—your wedding dress or child's christening gown—and add them to your memory pages.
    • Embellish gift tags with buttons by grouping them in the corner. Build on the decoration by drawing leaves or flower petals with markers.
    • Forget fancy ribbons! Wrap a thin string around a wrapped gift and run the ends through the holes of a button. Tie a bow on the top of the button, and you have unique gift wrap that will even pretty up plain, brown paper.
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    Do you enjoy making jewelry, but hate paying for expensive beads? Switch to buttons and save money while creating fun and unique wearables. The possibilities for button jewelry are endless. Start with a simple button bracelet and let your creativity lead you from there.

    Tip: Yard sales and flea markets are a great place to find cheap bags of unique and mismatched buttons that are perfect for jewelry.

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    Napkins and Purses

    Some of your buttons can be used to give a new life to older items like cloth napkins or your favorite tote or purse. 

    • Sew a small button onto the corner of a cloth napkin. Add simple embroidery around it to create flowers, cherries or abstract designs.
    • Sort out buttons with a similar color scheme to your favorite clutch. Sew them on in a random cluster and get ready to show off your new look!
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    Kitchen Towel Hanger

    Kitchen towels are always getting in the way and not every kitchen has a convenient place to hang them. If you have a button, you have a quick solution!

    1. Grab a small piece of elastic (one that no longer works for clothes is perfect) that is about three to four inches long.
    2. Make a loop with the elastic and place the ends behind a medium or large button along the edge of a kitchen towel.
    3. Sew it on using the button holes and make sure you're catching the elastic as well.
    4. Once secure, wrap the elastic around the handle of your oven, refrigerator or a drawer and secure it over the button.
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    Upcycled Picture Frames

    Old picture frames can be given new life with a few buttons. You can do this quick project with coordinating buttons of similar colors or go wild and simply pick buttons out of your stash at random.

    1. Clean up and give your frame a fresh coat of paint if needed.
    2. Lay buttons out on the front of the frame in the design you want—go simple and sparse or completely covered! Play with the layout until you're happy.
    3. Working one button at a time, glue them into place.
    4. Allow to dry, add a picture and hang on the wall.

    Tip: You can even create an entire piece of art made entirely of buttons!

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    Filled Vase

    This idea is the easiest way to use up a lot of your button collection and create a unique piece of decor for your home! Fill a glass vase with buttons. That's it! It is simple and stunning. Leave it on its own or use it for flowers.

    Use the vase to display a stunning floral arrangement by placing a smaller vase inside a large one. Fill the outer vase with buttons, the inner vase with water and arrange your flowers.

    Tip: The buttons can be in a color that coordinates with your room's decor or an eclectic mix of random and interesting buttons.